When People Ask, Where Are You From... What Do You Say?

Caledonia has 50 square miles, just became a village in 2005 and sometimes answering the question of where you're from is not an easy answer.

Like some relationships on Facebook, living in Caledonia is complicated.

If you live in the 50 square miles called the Village of Caledonia, you might have a Franksville, Racine or Caledonia address.

Some Town of Raymond residents actually have a Caledonia or Franksville address, but they live and pay taxes to the Town of Raymond. There's an unincorporated part of Caledonia and it has a Caledonia post office.

But then again, you might live in the unincorporated community of Husher or have a Racine address, but actually pay taxes to the Village of Caledonia. Or you might live in Franksville, have a Franksville address, get your mail from a post office in Franksville and actually live in Caledonia.

So we asked Caledonia residents on Facebook how they answer the question, "Where are you from?" Here's what they had to say:

Dawn Falk I used to say raymond but always had to follow it up with an explanation of where that is, but the mail said Caledonia. Now i say mt pleasant followed up by " ya know where the Walmart is in racine?". Now i prefer using racine as my mailing address.

Stacey Duffy Wilde Caledonia...which is true...but if if I say Racine, I get a look that says they think I live in the hood.

Janell Smith Caledonia, but my address is Racine...so i have to say both sometimes.

Kathleen Marie Weber-Tiderman I have found most people are unfamiliar with Caledonia or Franksville when you say the names, but when you describe the location they always seem to compliment the area if they have been through it. I have dealt with several real estate clients wanting to be close to the border but really only know anything south of Milwaukee as Racine or Kenosha proper. When you introduce them to the areas of Caledonia and Franksville, it's as if they are amazed an area like this exists so close to convenience, yet retains a small town feel. It's truly an asset to this community.

Ted Gehrke Caledonia, but I have to have my mail addressed Racine or I will not receive it .

Julie Lynn Caledonia, the home of the original Cabbage Patch Kids!

Dawn Lambert usually Racine cause no one knows where Caledonia is LOL

Laurie Giese April 17, 2013 at 05:38 PM
I used to say Racine because up until 15 years ago, I did live in the City. But recently, I started saying Caledonia and adding "near Racine" if they look confused.
Marcia Wensing April 18, 2013 at 01:40 PM
I always say Caledonia now, since becoming a Village. I am proud to tell people that, when asked. I do often have to add a follow up statement like" just south of Milwaukee" or" between Oak Creek and Racine" depending on whether they are familiar with SE WI, or from farther away. I too have a Racine postal address and was born and raised in Racine, so that had been my usual response.
Django Freeman April 18, 2013 at 10:09 PM
I'm embarassed to have a Racine address. Racine is so ghetto!


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