Light Dance Troop From America's Got Talent to Perform Here

Lightwire Theater, a performance group that uses full-body puppetry lit by wires of light, will present its version of two children's tales in Racine next year.

Lightwire Theater, one of the groups selected to perform on America's Got Talent, has announced Racine is one of its tour stops in early 2013. 

According to the Lightwire Theater website, the group will bring its shows that interpret Hans Christian Anderson's The Ugly Duckling and Aesop's The Tortoise and the Hare to Racine on Feb. 22 and 23. 

The Racine Civic Centre has confirmed the performance on its Facebook page. Lightwire Theater is in the 48 finalists in the running for the AGT million-dollar prize. The show next airs Aug. 14. 


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