True Blood: No, Don't Bring Back The Faeries

Lisa Brennan dishes on her favorite show, True Blood. This week she focuses on Season 4, Episode 11, "Soul of Fire."

Is this Bon Temps or the Island of Forgotten Plotlines?

It seems like this season of "True Blood" is chockablock with conveniently discarded characters like Tommy, Claudine, Naomi, Mavis, Crystal and Hot Shot’s answers to the little rascals? We spent three or four episodes following Jason's harrowing stud service experience, but to what end? Just so Jessica could stumble upon him and heal him, spawning a new love triangle? We suffered Arlene's endless prattling over Mikey just so we could establish that Lafayette is a medium? (And wasn't that made clear on that trip to Mexico?) What about Tommy killing his parents and Tommy screwing over Maxine and Tommy (literally) screwing over Sam and Luna? Did Tommy die just so Alcide could realize how weak Debbie is?

And suddenly the fairies are back? Please, not the fairies.

On Sunday's episode of True Blood, the war between the witches and the vampires comes to a tentative resolution with Bill and Eric narrowly avoiding the true death. Debbie and Marcus make a terrible pair. Andy makes a new friend... and a new vow. Jason and Jessica are, of course, are still in love. Lafayette and Jesus' relationship, unfortunately, just became a threesome.

With only two episodes left in the season of "True Blood," there was no time to waste diving into this week's episode.

We started off right where we left off, with Eric, Bill, Jessica and Pam preparing to attack the Moon Goddess with some serious fire power. "We're going to finish this tonight," Bill growls. Well, technically next Sunday is the season finale, but we did appreciate his gusto.

In the end, it was Jesus the brujo who saved the day by forcibly expelling Antonia from Marnie, thus reducing her power enough to knock out the force field. The vampires then entered the shop and made quick work of shooting Marnie through the forehead, just as her prophetic pool of blood told her they would. So... R.I.P, Marnie?
Since Debbie's relapse last week, she hasn't made too many great decisions including hitching her star to Marcus' wagon. You see, Marcus is a delusional deadbeat dad who thinks that Debbie would make a great step-mom for little Emma, so he kidnaps his daughter and makes plans to start a new life with Debbie at his side.

Meanwhile, Sam is looking for Marcus not to rescue Emma (that happens to be an unintended side effect), but to avenge the accidental death of the brother he hated. But when Sam is in the clutch — and has Marcus in his clutches — he decides instead to let Marcus live with himself.

Alcide, on the other hand, is kind of miffed that Marcus has stolen his "bitch," so he chokes him to death. He also "abcures" Debbie, which I think is wolf-speak for "banish." She is naturally very sad about this development, but I'm guessing that by next week, she'll be back to her old treacherous self. It's funny, now that Tommy is gone, I don't really mind if Alcide and Sam hang out together.

After Terry's tough-love intervention, Andy has a long walk back to civilization. Along the way he meets a faerie named Maurella, who thinks he's handsome and muscular. (Cue Andy's awkward grunting.) He is naturally spellbound by Maurella. So when she asks him to "swear to the light," he does so without question. Then they make love. He tells Arlene what happened, but she doesn't believe him, going as far as to suggest a trip to the same booby hatch that Terry once enjoyed. Where are they going with this? I thought we were done with the faeries? Why Andy?

Hey, guess what? Just when Jason regained enough strength of character to turn down Jessica for the sake of his friendship with Hoyt, he got caught in the crossfire of Pam's shoulder-mounted assault on the shop, necessitating yet another vampire-blood transfusion. Guess who's going to be all moony-eyed for Jessie again next week? Poor Hoyt.

"You may hear and see things you really don't want to," Jesus warns his boyfriend as they begin the process to separate Marnie and Antonia. "That ship has f---ing sailed," Lafayette replies. And how! In the final moments of the episode, while Jesus and Lafayette snuggle in bed, a spectral Marnie appears and appears to "enter" Lafayette's mouth, suggesting that she now possesses him. (This is a development that — ask my friends, I swear — I predicted might happen before the season's end.)

So what happens in next week's finale? Are there more twists and turns to come? Or will it be more like the Season 3 finale, a quiet hour that looked ahead to this season's central story lines? 

Watch this weeks episode here http://www.megavideo.com/?d=BKC60L4F

Kasey Kasket September 25, 2011 at 04:55 PM
Read the books please.


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