True Blood: Sookie Lives, But The Tolerance Event Turns Violent

As the season is beginning to draw to a close, after last night only three more episodes remain and the possibilities that we face after Sunday’s episode 9 "Let's Get Out of Here" are endless. Here is a recap of this weeks big events.

After the battle last week, we see Sookie getting shot. She is awake and fine within the first few moments, but she’s concerned because Eric is gone.

We are back at the witches place and they are yelling at Marnie because she brought Eric back with them.  Marnie tells them he is under her control.  Tara is upset with her because Bill handed them an olive branch. Marnie/Antonia tries to get them to all hold hands and make a protection spell.  But Marnie then plots her next move against the vampires and tells the others not to leave.   They call her Marnie and she has a hissy fit.  She tells them she is not Marnie she is Antonia.  Tara and Holly have misgivings.

Hoyt is still in the angry stage of grief as he boxes up all of Jessica’s stuff and dumps it into a box labeled, “For you, Monster.” Not exactly subtle, Hoyt, and it’s killing the love we had for your once romantic soul. But he gets some comeuppance when Lafayette comes bursting in with baby Mikey and Andy’s stolen gun. Hoyt runs out sans pants and calls Jason for help. What ensues is probably the worst crisis management stakeout in Bon Temps history as Jason, a V addled Andy, and eventually a panicked Arlene and Terry arrive to surround the house and try to suss out just why the flamboyant cook is referring to himself as Mavis and clinging to Mikey. Desperate, Arlene calls Jesus to the rescue.

Back at Casa de Sookie, the tiny blonde is now lounging in a tiny red dress and heels while some sultry sounds play in the background. A knock at the door finds Eric arriving in daylight and they waste no time making out…with Bill watching right next to them. Oh yes, it’s a dream sequence with the ménage à trios promise that fandom has been wishing for all season. The only problem is that Sookie tells her vampire lovers that it’s her dream and she wants them to know she wants and loves both of them. The boys balk about sharing her to which she exclaims, “You guys are vampires. What’s with the morality? I love you; both of you.”

What could have been a seminal steamy moment in a show that’s synonymous for obliterating TV sexual morays instead ends up being a tepid, wasted opportunity. They all grope clothed for a hot second, then the guys double bite Sookie and the dream ends. Sookie, honey, you woke up way too soon and now we’re paying for it. Hrumph.

After in a bit of a welcome twist, a betrayed Debbie heads to Sookie’s house, not with traditional vengeance in mind, but nursing her love sick heart. Vulnerable and worried she’s losing her man, Debbie asks Sookie if she can help make things better so she can have some peace with Alcide. Initially wary, Sookie listens into Deb’s desperate brain and buys her story. Sookie also reassures Debbie that Alcide loves her, which seems to forge a tentative alliance between the women.

Back at the Mikey standoff, Jesus manages to calm Mavis enough so that she realizes she is not in her own body, and she is indeed possessing an eclectically dressed gay man. Jesus unfurls his brujo powers and reveals the whole sad story of Mavis. It turns out she’s been wandering the afterlife seeking resolution – to just hold her murdered baby one more time – and medium Lafayette presented the opportunity. Together with Jason, Andy, Terry and Arlene, they all dig at the base of a tree outside and find the bodies of Mavis and her dead child. Lafayette/Mavis cuddles the skeleton of her child and with a touch Jesus magically expels Mavis and her baby’s soul to the next life in peace.

Afterwards, Hoyt asks Jason to deliver Jessica’s stuff to her, which the torn Stackhouse does reluctantly. When Jessica invites Jason in, we get teased the possibility that Jason might actually have a rock solid bro code with Hoyt. But then seconds later, we see the duo screwing in his pick-up bed and we’re reminded that Jason will always be led by his pants brain, life-long friendship or not.

Lastly, everything comes to a head at the Tolerance event where Nan and Bill are espousing their friendly doctrine to humans until Sookie arrives and disrupts the show. Nan is upset, but that’s nothing compared to Antonia and her coven minions, who arrive seconds later and magically gut a few security guards in cold blood. The horrified audience runs and in the chaos, Sookie alerts Bill to the trap and the show fades to black.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Was the threesome a letdown? Was the Lafayette resolution worthwhile? Do you buy the Debbie wanting to help Sookie?  I don’t! Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Watch this weeks episode of True Blood:



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