Grapes 2 Glass Expands to Wining and Dining

Adults looking for a place to relax and unwind with a glass of wine and tasty tapas will find that spot at Grapes 2 Glass.

Grapes 2 Glass is expanding from a wine boutique to a full-on wine lounge where grown-ups can relax and unwind.

Currently located on the east end of the strip center in front of the Marcus Theatre on Washington Avenue, the store is moving west a few doors and taking over the former hot dog shop and fitness center.

Owner Michele Bachmann goes before the Sturtevant Planning Commission on Feb. 14 for final site plan approval and for a conditional use permit. She'll also qualify now for a Class C license, which gives her the ability to sell and serve wine because she also serves food.

"I'm so excited about the new opportunities that open up by expanding the store into a place where people can come and sit down, have a snack and enjoy wine," she said.

Bachmann originally asked village trustees for special financial consideration for a Class B reserve liquor license because of the $10,000 price tag. While Grapes 2 Glass has a Class A license that allows Bachmann to sell alcohol, she did not have the necessary license to host more extensive tastings or hosting special events where different wines could be served.

Sturtevant board members declined to offer a $9,900 rebate on the reserve license - a tool that is available to municipalities - so Bachmann explored other options, which includes investment from family.

Unrolling the architect's plan for the space, Bachmann pointed to where the wine lounge will be, how much space the store will take up, where the wine tasting bar will go. There's also a large, 700-square foot area she hopes will transform for a number of uses like wine education, After 5 gatherings, bridal and baby showers and maybe even ballroom dancing.

"Moving down the way and having all this space with the Class C license gives us the room and the freedom to tastings, host tour groups that come through and have special events where we couldn't before," she said.

Sturtevant Trustee Chris Larsen heads the Administrative, Personal, Police and Legal Committee that will grant Bachmann the Class C license. While he hasn't seen Bachmann's application just yet, he is happy her business is staying in Sturtevant.

"Although I have not yet seen the application, I am glad for Michelle that she is taking this step," he said. "I am looking forward to reviewing her application for a class C license and excited to see her plans take shape." 

Bachmann said she expects to open on April 1 after construction completes by the end of February. 

"I talked to people about this concept and the feedback was so positive with a lot of them saying there isn't anything like this around here," she said. "And I don't expect any down time. We'll close here one day and open down there the next."

Sandy February 02, 2013 at 04:11 PM
Way to Michele! Its good to see small business growing here! Great concept and I wish you all the best!


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