HuHot Mongolian Grill Lets You Create Your Own Culinary Destiny

Lisa Brennan, of Caledonia, visits this Kenosha restaurant.

On Wednesdays, the girls and I go out to lunch. So this week my friends, Jeanny deDianous and Jayette Kerkman, and I decided to go to the HuHot Mongolian Grill, 7214 Green Bay Rd., in Kenosha.

There, you control your culinary destiny. You create your own Asian stir-fry from a selection of fresh meats, noodles, vegetables and Asian-inspired sauces, and then you watch as it is cooked on a grill of epic proportions. So for Jayette and I, this was not our first time, but Jeanny was a newbie.

We arrived in Kenosha at the restaurant and ordered ourselves a soda and an appetizer and then we began the process. You walk over to an area with bowls and food in containers then you take whatever you want to create your own stirfry. Once you have your meat and veggies, you proceed to the sauce table. They have a wide variety of different sauces and recipes to make HuHot’s sauce and then you walk to the grill and watch your food cook, then head back to your table to enjoy.

After we returned to our table, our rice was waiting for us, and so were the steamed pot stickers we ordered. The food was amazing, which how can it not be, when you create it yourself? We had some tantalizing conversation then went back for our second pass at a new stir-fry. I recommend making a small stirfry portion so that you can continue to try new things. We learned a new trick from a fellow traveler of taking two bowls instead of one since the bowls are always overflowing with veggies.

Jeanny gave it a try this time around and she said she loved the food. She would definitely come back since the freshness of the stir-fry always seems like a great option. Jayette and I having been there before and we will frequent the establishment again. If you order dessert, Jayette recommends the fried cheesecake. The crust, which is like the ragoons, is filled with sweet cheesecake, then is drenched in any number of sauces depending on your preference, and then is topped with ice cream.

By the way, you can join HuHot’s Hot club and receive a coupon for a free appetizer.

Sandy April 11, 2011 at 06:35 PM
Couple of questions: 1. are you allowed to taste the sauces to see which you like or is it a guessing game? 2. is the seating cafeteria style or are there private areas 3. what is the high/low costs for appetizers, drinks, entrees and desserts? Nice article and very timely since my son and I were thinking of going very soon :)


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