The Biggest Loser in the Obama/Romney Debate

The biggest loser of the first presidential debate was neither Romney nor Obama.

Republicans are very happy with Mitt Romney's performance in the presidential debate last week. And the likely voters have rewarded him with a bump in the polls.

Democrats are disappointed that President Barack Obama did not go on the attack, and feel that he should have been more aggressive and taken Romney to task on many issues.

But the biggest loser in the debate was neither Romney nor Obama.

The Tea Party lost big time!

Instead of the Romney of the primaries, who served up plenty of strong hot tea — the Romney in the first presidential debate was serving lukewarm, watered-down tea.

We now know that Romney is going to keep much of Obamacare, ie. pre-existing conditions, and health coverage for everyone who needs it. We also know that Romney thinks that the banks and Wall Street need to be regulated.

Most importantly, Romney has proudly proclaimed that he knows how to work with both parties, and that as governor of Massachusetts; he compromised with the Democrats, in getting things done, ie. Romneycare.

So much for the Tea Party Republicans who have faithfully worked to block Obama on every issue possible, and who would not compromise on the tax or budget issues.

President Romney says he knows how to work with the Democrats and compromise with them, as he did in Massachusetts.

Grover Norquist may as well tear up all those no new tax pledges. Romney will need revenue from somewhere to make up for all the new tax deductions he is promising...right?

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JW October 10, 2012 at 06:22 PM
The thing I like about Romney IS that he is clearly more moderate than extreme. If the GOP served me Santorum, I would vote for Obama.... given Romney, I'll take Romney. I do not like either the extreme right or the extreme left... each are problematic in their own ways. Extreme right is too against civil liberties... extreme left is too bleeding heart to run anything... the middle that will work with the common sense ideas and views from both sides is what I want... I will take a moderate... Democrat or Republican moderate doesnt matter much to me, though either appeals more against an opponent who is not a moderate. Obama clearly wants to make America more socialistic... I can't get behind that.
JW October 10, 2012 at 06:24 PM
I should add the fact that Romney showcased his moderate tendencies in the debate changed me from voting AGAINST Obama into voting FOR Romney. Instead of the lesser of two evils, I came away agreeing with Romney far more and he even addressed some of the concerns I had in policies of his I previously didnt like from the very high level view I had been given of them. An opt in voucher thing for medicare doesnt bother me, where getting rid of it or forcing it to be vouchers for everyone does, for example
Michael McClusky October 10, 2012 at 11:27 PM
@Johnny Blade That is right! Don't vote for either the Republicans or Democrats until after they pass campaign finance reform! Neither party represents the will of the people! i am with you all of the way on this one!
Frank C October 11, 2012 at 12:40 AM
I'm pretty politically apathetic and haven't voted in years. Only saw the debate because my lady friend made me watch it. My objective opinion as someone who really and truly doesn't give a crap and even if I did am so cynical that I'd find a reason to avoid caring too much, it appeared to me that Obama has no idea what he's talking about, much less doing. It also appeared the other guy knows his stuff and is probably a whole hell of a lot more qualified for the job, and more importantly, up to the task.
David Tatarowicz October 11, 2012 at 06:53 PM
@ Frank C ---- since you don't vote, your opinion is meaningless


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