American Horror Story: The Truth About Tate

We learn the truth about Tate, and it is as twisted as we hoped, er, feared.

I know. Really, really, really late to this party. Sorry. But let's get on with talking about Tate ... and what we think Viv's baby could really be!

It's 1994, LA's SWAT team is at the door, and it appears we will finally learn what Tate did all those years ago. In the library, the pissed off dead teenagers are hiding from a gunman shooting up their school. We learn that Tate's "fantasy" in Ben's office really happened, though maybe without the awesome make up job. SWAT finds Tate in his room, sitting on his bed waiting for them.

Back to the present, Violet is looking up the massacre and discovers the truth, some of it, anyway, about Tate. She runs downstairs, calling for her mom, but discovers Constance instead. Crazy Connie tries to explain, but of course Violet isn't buying it so Constance brings in a Billie, a medium, to try and explain it all.

Turns out Billie learned about ghosts when her housekeeper got murdered by her husband.

"Do you think I wanted a bloody Mexican housekeeper in my bathroom?" she asks.

Ghosts sometimes hang out to "exact their pound of flesh" or because they need help crossing over. Tate needs help and Crazy Connie says that Violet needs to be that help.

Viv has a nasty dream about the baby, wakes up and presses the alarm button for Luke (Morris Chestnut) to come over and check the perimeter. Ben arrives, and Viv spells out how they will not be friends because they will divorce and sell the house, but Ben can be a dad to their kids. Oh, and he can keep working in his office.

First patient? Cameron from Modern Family is Derek only he is not playing a cuddly gay stay-at-home dad on AHS. Nothing jolly with this character who hasn't slept or looked in a mirror in days because of Piggy Man, an urban legend about a Chicago butcher who fell in a hog pen and got torn apart. After his death, his customers were found hanging upside down and skinned in their bathtubs, like a hog. So Cameron's nightmare is that he sees Piggy Man in his own bathroom and Piggy uses a big meat cleaver to slice and dice Derek.

Crazy Connie is back at the house, bringing Viv some sweetbreads. Ick. In case you don't know what those are, the organs of a lamb or calf or ... whatever. It's icky. She says they helped her with morning sickness, which, apparently, Viv gets whenever she tries to leave the house. Hmmmm ... so Moira cooks them up, except the pancreas, and tells Viv that Ben is a serial cheater and the fact that he cheated on his preganant wife should be punishable by death.

So now Ben and Derek are going into the upstairs bathroom. Ben is trying to coax Derek into the bathroom after Derek admits he used the shiny surface of the toaster as a mirror. Ben stands outside the bathroom while Derek stands in front of the mirror and chants, "Here, Piggy, Piggy," just like in his nightmare. He hears something in the shower, pulls back the curtain and sees ... someone. I don't know that we've ever seen that ghost before. Wait. Is that Maria or the other nurse from the first episode?

Derek screams for Ben, who pulls back the curtain to reveal nothing. Of course.

Viv gets an ultrasound for which Ben is late and now we're at the empty pool where Violet is talking to the mean girl about how she's so sorry. Mean girl starts telling Violet about the devil and Revelations and even though Violet thinks she's a little crazy, she admits that she feels like she's losing her own mind.

Violet is in the library of the high school, and the teacher is still at the school in a motorized wheelchair and pretty pissed off about the shooting. Violet wants to understand why Tate did it, but the teacher can't help her.

Why is Viv eating a raw brain?! Ugh. I think I might get sick myself. But this was a gift of sorts from Crazy Connie and presented by Moira even after Viv tells Moira they can't afford to pay her any longer.

Poor Violet. She comes home and thinks she sees Tate go to the basement so of course she follows and guess who she meets? The twins, the nurse, the crazy people who tried to kill her and her mother, and Dr. Montgomery. Violet runs upstairs and takes pill after pill after pill and really. Can we blame her. But Tate finds her and drags her down the hall, crying, "Don't you die on me, Violet!" He puts her in the bathtub and puts his fingers down her throat to make her throw up.

Viv finds the nurse who fainted at Viv's ultrasound. She lives in a church and starts spouting Revelations verses at Viv, saying she saw the hooves of the baby, the unclean beast. No surprise that Viv, who doesn't know anything about the house or its true residents, thinks the nurse is crazy and walks out.

Derek is at home, forcing himself to look in the mirror and do the Piggy chant. WHAT?! His place is being robbed and poor Derek ends up dead anyway, a shot to the forehead.

Billie, the medium, is back in Constance's kitchen and she's telling Connie that Addie is angry. Constance admits that Addie was her reason for living and the medium tells Connie to to talk to Addie, to use her to get her message across. Crazy Connie pours out her heart and learns that Addie is happy on the other side, glad her mother couldn't get her to the lawn of the old house because Addie is afraid of Tate now that she knows the truth.

And the truth is that SWAT killed Tate when he went for a gun, which we should have known since he still "lives" in the house. His bedroom, also no surprise, is now Violet's room.

Tate wants to know why Violet has changed toward him. He loves her and admits he never felt that way about anyone, that he won't let anyone or anything hurt her. Violet and Tate spoon on her bed, fully clothed, and it's almost more creepy than if they'd been naked.

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