Caledonia Man's Synchronized Halloween Show Is Spooky Good

Looking for a little Halloween fun? Check out Mike Pikula's backyard.

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Caledonia resident, Mike Pikula, describes his synchronized light show as "over the top."

And he's right.

Located at 6509 Williamsburg Way in the Jamestown subdivision, the light show can be seen from across the pond, which is why he picked the house three years ago. The location offered the perfect setting for people to driver their cars past his backyard show and listen to the music.

His Halloween show, which features 64 individual channels of Light-O-Rama control, is really the precursor to the Christmas show. The lights dim, they flash on and off and they twinkle to music, which can be heard by tuning into a low power FM station he broadcasts from a computer in his house.

He's got bats, ghosts, skeletons, and Frankenstein that do their thing to a number of songs.

And the answer to the most frequently asked question: How big is your electric bill? 

"It's not as bad as one would think, mainly because the lights are not on constantly," Pikula said. 

The Halloween show adds about $20; the Christmas display will add about $125.  


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