47% Wins, the United States Loses

Buying an election with entitlements.

Elections come and go with only minor effects on the American public.  We have seen our fair share of depressions, recession and booms.  All the while, the America that drove the last century of global development and innovation continued to thrive.  It was driven by individual aspirations and a government that encouraged success through the Constitutional development of non-intervention. 

This election will be different.  It is not the end of America and it will not be seen as the beginning of the end.  In truth, that beginning has been at work since our founding.  This election signals the first time the citizens of the United States accepted the terms of the end.  It has taken 223 years to degrade our Constitution and now it is recognizable only as a loose set of ideals from a time gone by. 

No country on this planet in which the citizens use the government as an intermediary between takers and producers has survived.  Prior to 2012, it was this denial to do so in the United States that separated our existence from that of our failing counterparts in Europe.  With the acceptance that the government should become heavily involved in the interactions of takers and producers, we will no longer be a country that spreads success throughout the world.  Instead, we have entered the perpetually declining existence of a country controlled by those that don’t sacrifice for it; yet, expect their fellow citizens to sacrifice for them. 

Government dependency is the opiate for the masses.  It instills hope in its promise of a better life through faith in its leaders.  Providing your daily sustenance in easy to consume and easy to desire forms.  Building passion through the ideology of distrust and demanding discipleship in the voting booth based on the fear of opiate removal.

This dependency can no longer be stopped, but rather like any drug its use will gradually get worse.  As current forms of dependency fail to meet the wants if the 47%, they will demand a leader that promises higher dosages of dependency and buck all those intent on restraining the use of dependency.  A point will be reached, around the same time of the full implementation of Obamacare, when dependency will be established as the new norm and our country will discontinue private production of certain services that were vital to our previous existence as individuals. 

What the 47% fails to understand is that we only have a finite amount of money.  You can only rob a set number of people and you can only sell a one or two internal organs before the money needed to sustain the addiction runs dry.  Having already borrowed $6 trillion to produce a net result of zero growth in four years; how much borrowing is required to produce growth?  Assuming that government spending to produce growth is possible, we will have created a debt that consumes interest at a rate that makes repayment impossible and sustainability of current services improbable. 

In the end, the American existence that once created the ability for success will die.  As more money is required to fill the wants of the takers, the income level of the producers will continue to decrease.  The government will continue as it has; increasing regulations, increasing restrictions and decreasing service in order to fill the gap between the amount they can take from the producers and the amount required by the takers.  An unemployment rate of 8% or above will be ordinary and mediocrity rather then success will be the United States we pass on to the next generation.  The United States, once a powerful world leader, protector and supporter that could be relied on for assistance, will become neutered by its own people for the sake of their own desires. 

We had a chance to correct the errors of government dependence and rather then taking responsibility for our current situation we chose the selfish need for instant gratification.   Most devastating result of this election is that we will only be able to tell our children of American Exceptionalism and not show them how to attain it.  We have arrived at the time that progressives have dreamed about since the signing of the Constitution; a heavy handed central government and the development of the system of elections in which votes could be purchased through the manipulation of government entitlements. 

The 47% now owns this portion of American history.  The days of blaming Bush are gone.  They have accepted our demise based on their own wants.  Lust of success is what started this push hundreds of years ago and it is that same lust which drives our own decline.

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Dirk Gutzmiller November 12, 2012 at 02:36 AM
Hoffa - Your snide insinuation that Obama hates white people reflects on your lashing out having lost so badly in spite of your great efforts to get Obama defeated. Maybe the future scene you painted was so sparse, so dismal, so mean. Obama is not white, not black. Perfect for moving all of us moving ahead. Or are you just going on skin color? Lamentable.
Dirk Gutzmiller November 12, 2012 at 02:39 AM
I have not idea what you are talking about Jim, but the new agenda is to work together to help our Nation. Are you in?
Dirk Gutzmiller November 12, 2012 at 02:42 AM
@Hoffa - You argue rather poorly, than claim victory. The Great Depression, The Great Repression, the Great Hoffa! Superlatives can work both ways.
Dirk Gutzmiller November 12, 2012 at 02:47 AM
Has anyone noticed that Hoffa manages to pull in others when he is ln trouble in a thread? Easy enough to have several screennames. Just takes a minute or two.
Bob McBride November 12, 2012 at 03:20 AM
Dirk, Either you've got something to back up your nonsense, or you don't. Don't carp about the methodology. It's accepted and routinely used here. So cutting through all the crap, Dirk, essentially what you're saying is you've got nothing. Figures.


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