Election Results – The Death of White Male Dominance

The November election has made a statement about the power shift in the United States. White male dominance is waning and that’s a good thing.

Where I live in Wisconsin is a good place to work and reside. The reality is that now I have four women who represent me in the state and federal government. Two are black and two are white and this makes a powerful statement of social movement in Wisconsin and the nation. My daughter, age 22 with tongue in cheek, stated that when we elect a woman U.S. President who is a woman of color, Muslim, and lesbian, then we will have finally become a just society. I corrected her and said that there would still be a ways to go if our legislatures aren’t at least 50 percent women and the U.S Supreme Court made up of a female majority and a woman as the Chief Justice. This last election is and will be dissected and discussed ad infinitum searching for what went wrong and the white, male, rich man lost to an incumbent who is an urban black of mixed racial parentage and ethnicity.

This recent election is additional proof of the changes in American demographics. Who elected Barack Obama was a consortium of people representing the new demographic reality. It was made up of white liberal progressives, the African American Community, the Latino Community, the Asian American Community, the LGBT Community and a dominance of single young people dominated by single females. This is the real America and the white male domination of the past has become the new minority. It is not the hatred of the white race or the hatred of the rich that mobilized this alliance, but the one unifying characteristic of opposition to the dominance of the WASP Male Society.

No longer is the WASP Male perception of America the American perception, moral code or even one that dominates the new economic realities of the Global Economy. The people who voted for Obama are the people that have been the most negatively affected by the WASP Male dominance model. These are the groups of people who finally fully understood the true enemy, greedy affluent white males and females who are subverting the emergence of the other groups in an attempt to hang onto their power of privilege, dominance and influence.

This battle is far from over. The White Male Dominate Minority will pull out every resource they possess to continue their power dominance. They physically feel the threat to the loss of privilege and are prepared to do what’s necessary to retain their position of power. They are outspoken about the ineptness of those challenging their power position. Everyone who opposes them are receiving goodies from the government in one form or another, lazy and unwilling to work to become a financial success by their standards, are morally corrupt, intent on making the United States a socialist country and also intent on destroying the American way of life. The proponents of the White Male Dominate Society are so fearful that many are now arming themselves in preparation for the time when the “others” come to take away their material possessions and possibly their lives. This has become a type of mania with many of this group, making them truly a danger to the greater society.

The November election is a win, but only a small win on the road to achieving equality and social justice. It will take a commitment to the struggle to finally take our place as fully respected human beings. We cannot forget that as long as we allow the White Male Society to control all the power, we’ll continue to live in an American Apartheid.

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Neil A Rubble November 13, 2012 at 06:23 PM
@Jay Sykes In Lyles world each white male comment would have to be followed by a male and female of each racial makeup on the earth. And the weight of the comments would be greater the more non-white you are.
Neil A Rubble November 13, 2012 at 06:24 PM
I think most people here are just bored.
B. Guenther November 13, 2012 at 06:27 PM
Lyle, give me a break. Fine, here is what we will do. We will all jump on the band wagon that is set to go over the other side of the hill and spend ourselves into submission while continuing to mortgage our futures. Instead of...sound fiscal policy that cuts some of the over 80 welfare programs. You make it seem as if we will be able to continue to tax and spend our way out of this mess just because a tax and spend president was re-elected.
Neil A Rubble November 13, 2012 at 06:27 PM
I agree with Brian. More women should be represented in government. But they need to be hotter then Hillary, the old dried up volleyball. We need cuties like Palin. Maybe structure the format of the primaries to mimic a beauty pageant?
B. Guenther November 13, 2012 at 06:29 PM
Oh, and don't give me anything about increasing taxes on the wealthy because what we will get from that is just a drop in the bucket compared to what we are borrowing and spending at this time. I hope you don't run your personal finances the same way you think this country should run its finances.


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