Elmwood Park Should Say 'No' to Walmart

Elmwood Park resident Scott Russell does not support changing the village's land use plan to allow Walmart to build-to-suit.

There is no opposition to the development of the Kohl's property itself. The main issue here is the rezoning of an additional 3+ acres of residential property to commercial. Why push a rezoning when numerous other commercial sites are available? 

Two prominent areas that come to mind are the vacant Sam's Club off S. Greenbay Road and the old Aldi's complex at 21st and Lathrop Avenue. These good options have space, zoning, infrastructure and no direct competition.   

With no guarantees of commitment from Walmart, they won't own the property, they could break the lease and leave an even larger vacant building and surrounding area. This has happened in at least five other communities including Kenosha. Rezoned residential property is lost, never to be returned.

The five year ownership of the Taylor Home complex has failed any expectations, leaving Elmwood Park with a large financial burden of $85,000 every year. The proposed development will not solve this problem, the revenues are just not there.

Our President of the village is gambling to correct this financial drain, but at what cost? Two wrongs don't make a right. Just say no.

Scott Russell
Elmwood Park

GearHead August 02, 2012 at 11:03 PM
"Rezoned residential property is lost, never to be returned." Are you suggesting we are running out of residential land? Seems to me we are being told by the smart people we should be recycling industrial brownfields into new residential lots. This belies your statement. We all know you just don't like Walmart.
skinnyDUDE August 03, 2012 at 03:44 AM
While Elwood Park has some nice areas. The area around this eye soar the old kohls store is not one of them . The residential area is not a major concern .Walmart model is a winner base on consumer choices. It improves competition and adds jobs aand rids the area of an AWFUL Decade plus eye soar. I mean NO ONE else has came up with the capital to do something . So why not Walmart. Ultimately they can do what they want in Elmwood Park . But this spot really needs something more than a ugly empty building . Currently No one can deny this spot doesnt need a lot of work. Furthermore, It takes capital to develop and no one else has been interested for 20 years. Any Improvement would be a asset to the area and Racine. It really doesnt matter to me on a personal level . But if I had to do what was overall best for the community.....its an easy YES!. The old Sam's club location was left by Walmart as it was not a good spot . That Sams club under performed because of it . So while the village of Elmwood can decide what they like .....Let Walmart do the same .
snowlady 03 August 08, 2012 at 09:25 PM
Kenosha was slotted for 2 more stores - exactly how many are needed in a community? The residents fought hard to keep them out of the city limits - at this point no development has begun - I will tell you first hand what they bring - they bring poverty level wages. You may be surprised how many employees qualify and are still on state aid. Who pays for that? Yup, you and me. While they do contribute financially to different local charities, the sad fact is, again, many of their own employees depend on the use of these charities. They offer unaffordable health care. They continue to cut the employees hours. They are not neighbor friendly, just drive around back any store and you will see, How do I know this? Research. So, I ask, Low Prices at Whose Expense?
jukap29 August 09, 2012 at 01:37 AM
you can't expect to make a CAREER out of being a Walmart greeter, sorry Snowlady
skinnyDUDE August 09, 2012 at 04:01 AM
i worked retail many years in my college days with discounters. Before walmart ......They never provided that type of wage and benefits for largely and UNSKILLED work force.I dont know what planet you been living on but the DISCOUNT RETAIL chains take unskilled people in and give them something that need greatly .....Experience. Wages and benefits they provide are in line and in many cases better within the industry. As to the low prices at who's expense? The consumer has overwhelmingly visited Walmart in theyre own self interest. So when bad store model doesnt fulfill the buyers expectations ...they fall on they're own swords. Are you mad so many choose Walmart when vast other choices do exist? Myself ....I like the choices.


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