Keep Your Crucifix off my Cervix

Birth control helps prevent unplanned and unwanted babies, which also means fewer abortions. Why is that so hard to understand?

Rick Santorum and his tea party buddies are all about freedom. That is all these self proclaimed patriots speak about. Freedom. But one thing they seem to leave out – this freedom they whine about is really only for white, Christian men. If you have a vagina – you can simply stuff your freedom in a sack and call it a day.

Listening to the U.S. House of Representatives hearings on birth control coverage yesterday morning was irritating my uterus. Seriously, she’s angry and wishes she could speak. So I will speak for her.

How DARE these GOP members of our political landscape yap about freedom while they are sucking on the teat of the religious right and telling us what we should do with our bodies, whom we should marry and what medications to which we should be entitled? How dare they.

Rick Santorum recently spouted about the Obama administration, “”Don’t you see how they see you? How they look down their nose at the average Americans. These elite snobs!” Really, Rick? THEY are the snobs?? Wow. Are we living in Bizarro World?

I worked for a local religious organization – a very huge employer in our area. I was in my early twenties and was denied birth control coverage through the insurance I earned because it was a “Catholic organization.” So even though I worked full time, I had to use the services of Planned Parenthood because my seven bucks an hour was not enough to pay rent, utilities, car payment AND birth control.

But they want to get rid of Planned Parenthood too, right? And abortion is “murder,” right?? Well it seems to me that if more people had proper insurance coverage and access to affordable healthcare, there would be less need for organizations like Planned Parenthood. And it is crystal flippin’ clear that if more women took birth control, there would be far fewer abortions now wouldn’t there??!!

It is very obvious. According to these hypocritical radicals, you are only allowed to have sex if you intend on making, raising and paying for a child. How many people can honestly look me in the virtual eye and tell me they agree with this? Because a sex-free life really works great for so many Priests, right?

Listen, just because most of us do not want to be baby factories like Mrs. Dugger, that doesn’t make us abnormal or wrong. Just because most of us have a healthy, typical sex life, that doesn’t make us abnormal or wrong. I think Mr. Santorum has lived a pent up life and has blamed women ever since.  Ignored in college were ya, poor guy??

"No woman's health should depend on who she is or where she works or how much money she makes,” said President Obama.

"Women's health care should not depend on who the boss is,” stated Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky

Exactly. What people need to realize is that women do not only take birth control because they are a bunch of sex-crazed hussies.

While working at that Catholic organization, I worked with a young woman who was still a virgin. She absolutely HAD to take birth control pills due to a very painful condition called endometriosis. There are woman who have to take it to control heavy menstrual bleeding and debilitating cramps. Some take it for ovarian disorders and to avoid certain forms of cancer.

This is not merely a sex issue; birth control is a women’s health issue.

Here are some facts:

  • The birth control benefit doesn't apply to churches and places of worship. Approximately 335,000 of them are already exempt. (Planned Parenthood)
  • 11.2 Million of U.S. women ages 15-44 use oral contraceptives (CDC)
  • Over 600 Physicians (70 of which are Catholic) have spoken out in favor of HHS Contraceptive ruling (Doctors for America)
  • 99% of all sexually experienced women and 98% of sexually experienced Catholic women will use birth control at some point in their lives. (Planned Parenthood)
  • Birth control is not abortion. No abortion drugs are covered by this benefit. (Planned Parenthood)

That upsetting hearing in D.C. consisted of almost all men. Only two women testified and they were against birth control. None of the people who testified had medical experience or knowledge. How is that a fair hearing? How is that even allowed to be a part of our governmental process??

Fact is, no one is telling anyone that they have to take birth control. No one is making churches pay for birth control. But when a religious entity wants to get into the employment realm, they need to follow the rules like any other employer.

Insurance companies covering birth control is a lot cheaper for everyone than thousands of unplanned, unwanted babies.

Birth control is a lot easier to stomach than increased and repeated abortions. Birth control is often necessary for the health of women. Birth control is necessary in controlling our ridiculous over population. Birth control is a personal choice which is a part of our FREEDOM!! Freedom is NOT only for those who kneel on Sundays or pee standing up.

Throughout this whole fiasco, I have not been able to get a particular song out of my head…Ever see Monty Python’s Meaning of Life?

                                 (in my sing songy voice)

Every sperm is sacred.

Every sperm is great.

If a sperm is wasted,

God gets quite irate.

James R Hoffa February 21, 2012 at 12:28 AM
Excellent point Brian!
James R Hoffa February 21, 2012 at 12:57 AM
@Lyle - GearHead makes a completely valid point here - where do you draw the line with the government mandated intrusions? Snow tires? Light bulbs? Heck, why not home security systems - just think of all the police officers and detectives that we could lay-off if everyone had adequate home security systems. Oh wait, you guys don't like laying-off public sector employees, right? So instead, let's hire a couple more uniforms and detectives and buy 'em all a dozen Dunkin Donuts. Ooops, donuts are unhealthy and contribute to health problems therefore the government should prohibit them, or at least impose a fine on those that voluntarily consume them, right? What has the right up in arms on this issue is an opening of Pandora's Box by the left, and the abuse of power that could result in governmental controls that would inherently lead to a dystopian world in the name of the collective good. You guys on the left turned this into an women's health issue solely to court some political capital from the female electorate for the Democratic left during an election year. After all, with all the statistical facts conveyed in the commentary and by your side's pundits, one that is conveniently missing is the amount of females that work for these religious institutions that are legitimately (as a matter of prioritization) unable to pay for their own birth control, which I find quite revealing about the underlying truth in this entire controversy - don't you?
James R Hoffa February 21, 2012 at 01:12 AM
"According to these hypocritical radicals, you are only allowed to have sex if you intend on making, raising and paying for a child. How many people can honestly look me in the virtual eye and tell me they agree with this?" Me, me, me!!! Only, 1) I wouldn't exactly be a 'hypocrite' on this subject, as I actually practice what I preach here - yes, there really are some of us left this day in age; and 2) it's not that I'm saying that you can't play at all - I'm merely saying that if you want to play then you should have to pay, whether that be for birth control or for making and raising a child. It's called exercising SELF CONTROL and taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for your actions! The more we replace these concepts with government provided acceptable excuses , the weaker our society and individuality becomes. Think about it.
Lyle Ruble February 21, 2012 at 02:10 AM
@JRH....What I was questioning GearHead on was his choice of terminology referring to PMS. Major discount to any woman by trivializing them.
Craig February 21, 2012 at 11:20 PM
Oral cancer medications are not covered by some insurance plans, but IV meds are. Who in their right mind is worried about Birth Controll when we have people unable to afford cancer drugs. If Obama really cared about Americans, he would fix this- not mess with religion.


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