Patch Office Hours And How to Make Patch Work For You

Let me show you all the ways you can utilize Caledonia Patch. Trust me, it's easy!

Happy almost Leap Day, Caledonia!

As many of you are aware, I'm in town all the time. But I'm here and there, and sometimes it's tough to find me. So I'll periodically be scheduling weekly office hours, in a place where you can easily find me. And I’ll tell you in advance where I’ll be.

This week, I’ll be at , 2825 Four and Half Mile Road, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday. Stop by and say hello! Bring your story ideas, bring your complaints, bring your thoughts on Caledonia Patch, and anything else you'd like to talk about. I can show you how to make Patch work for you and I’ll have some Patch goodies for you.

So come see me there if you can’t make it to Mocha Lisa.

But wait, there’s more …

Patch Boot Camp

There's a lot you, your business and your organization can do on Caledonia Patch! You can list events and make announcements - for free. You can write a blog! You can claim your listing (in Places) and get great access to your customer base. And of course, you can advertise.

Want some basic training? I'm happy to do a Patch boot camp session anywhere, at any time. Call me at (262) 664-3850, email denise.lockwood@patch.com, or stop by my office hours. Just ask Christie Kern of how easy it is. I met with her Monday morning, and walked her through a handful of useful Patch tools in 30 minutes. I've got a few more of these sessions scheduled this week and would be happy to do more!

Claim Your Listing

Businesses, ! I showed Christie how to do it Monday, and he’ll be the first to tell you it is easy - and free. Just find your listing in the "Places" area, look under the photo box, and click on "Do you own or manage this location? Claim it!"

A form will open up, you fill it out, and usually within hours (once you're approved), you'll be in a universe you can't otherwise reach. You can find your customers, email them, add new stuff, specials, photos, and more, all for free. And if that’s not reason enough, click here to check out what American Express.


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