Tammy or Tommy, What's in It for Me, and the FLOTUS

There's been a lot going on and things are sure to be hectic as we approach November 6th. Here are some things I have been thinking about.

With the election being days away, life has been busy and I have been pretty pre-occupied with political conversations, duties, events and thoughts. There have been quite a few things on my mind lately so I thought I would give you a peak into some of my random civically-based brain activity.

What’s in it for Me?

A few mornings ago, I was listening to talk radio and a guy called in and said that people typically vote with one question in mind – “What’s in it for me?” Do you think this is true? I do not.

People often comment on my articles about my being a leach, a moocher or something of that nature. I can assure that is certainly not true. I have never collected any kind of entitlement unless you count a student loan, and I have paid it back. No Medicaid, food stamps or welfare. And I am very grateful I have not yet been in a position where I needed to utilize these programs. ‘There by the grace of God…’

And that is not because I have ever been financially comfortable. Growing up, my parents struggled. There was no college savings and I started working at 14 (and started babysitting much before that). When I was young and single, I often worked two jobs and ate Ramen noodles most nights. It was still nearly impossible to pay my bills on time. And now, we are a family of 4 on one modest income. I have never been rich and can't even imagine being so. It has really always been a matter of getting by; sometimes with the privilege of occasional perks.

I have also been called a union hack and a thug. While I support and speak up for union rights, I am not nor ever have been a member of any union. I didn’t have a dog in the Act 10 fight. I wasn’t worried about “what was in it for me”. When I stand up for or against something, when I vote…it isn’t just with myself in mind. I think about what is best and fair for my fellow human beings.

I have to wonder how much different our country would be if more people stood back and looked beyond themselves when they decide what is best for our country and its citizens.

Tammy vs. Tommy

So far, Tammy Baldwin and Tommy Thompson have had two debates in their attempt to be elected Wisconsin’s next U.S. Senator. In both debates, it was made clear to me that Tommy is simply a bully. And it doesn’t surprise me one bit that his son, Jason, was recorded as saying, “We have the opportunity to send President Obama back to Chicago, or Kenya.”

When I listen to Thompson interact with Baldwin, I cannot help but imagine this caricature of him as as drunk old man sitting in his underwear screaming racial obscenities at the screen while he waits for some woman to bring him another turkey sandwich and refill his gin and tonic.

He doesn’t give her any respect or look her in the eye. He interrupts and raises his voice. He stretches the truth (or downright lies) and becomes belligerent when called out.

In their first debate, Thompson declared that he "built Wisconsin." The ego on this man is astounding. I was so taken back by that comment, I had to create the Tom the Builder image just for fun. I mean, really, Tommy. Get a grip.

Regardless of his shameful behavior in these debates and elsewhere, a vote for Tammy is undoubtedly the right choice for me. Tammy fights against special interests – Tommy couldn’t be any closer to them. Tammy is a representative for middle class, working families – Tommy’s exclusive loyalty is with millionaires and corporations. Tammy has worked to introduce the Buffett Rule – Tommy refuses to even release his own tax returns.

Voting for Tommy wouldn’t be in the best interest of our communities or the average voter in Wisconsin. If you DO ask yourself, “What’s in it for me?” When it comes to Tommy, the answer is, “Nothing.”

The FLOTUS with the Mostus

When I see the President and First Lady together or hear them speaking about one another – it makes me all the more convinced that they are exactly who should be in the White House. I watch them and really listen to what they have to say and it is obvious to me that they speak from the heart. And their respect and admiration for each other speaks volumes. They are real people who can truly relate to the average citizen – something most First Families could not have proclaimed.

Friday’s rally with Michelle Obama was really a treat for the people of Racine. Her speech was motivating, inspirational and genuine. She quite often addresses young people and their importance in the world. There couldn’t be a more positive, sincere role model for America’s youth. And in an age with so many unfortunate and inappropriate “role models,” it is entirely refreshing.

My favorite quote by the First Lady yesterday was, “Don’t let ANYone talk down your dreams! Don’t let anyone deny your aspirations!” This is a lesson many of us – at any age – can and should take to heart.

We are very lucky to have Michelle Obama as the First Lady and Barack Obama as President and I will, indeed, do what I can to help ensure four more years.

Mafia Mike October 22, 2012 at 03:25 PM
Inspiring Nancy? Are you truly that ignorant to believe Michelle is intelligent? Read Hoffas first post about this so called FLOTUS. She is no different than Barack. Quoting Hoffas post: Too bad Michelle isn't good at leading by example. At the last debate, she made a promise to remain silent during the debate. But when Candy Crowley now infamously interjected herself into the debate performing an erroneous on-the-spot so-called 'fact-check' against Romney, Michelle is clearly seen having violated these rules and loudly applauding, thus breaking her promise. Not only that, but others in the studio audience seeing Michelle applauding may have thought that her applauding made it OK for them to violate their promises and to join in applauding - clearly, this was a bad example for someone in the position of FLOTUS to be setting! No one in the Romney family violated their promise to remain silent during the debate. If Michelle Obama had any class, character, or integrity, she would have issued an apology to Mitt Romney and the American people for having LIED and violating her promise to remain silent during the debate and setting a poor example to the studio audience and nation at large. When one makes a promise, they should keep it - that's the example that Michelle should have been setting instead of the one she did. That fact that she did not issue an apology for her clearly inappropriate behavior is inexcusable and indicative of a severe disconnect.
oak creek resident October 22, 2012 at 03:34 PM
Another low brow article by a low brow "writer". Thompson is a bully now? How would you describe Biden's behavior during his debate with Ryan? Laughing aloud, smirking, and interrupting your opponent is not bullying? F you, hack.
rkk October 22, 2012 at 05:17 PM
IMO applauding is not violating a promise to remain silent. When I think of a person promising to keep quiet or remain silent I think of it in terms of verbal silence. Had she spoken, sighed or made some other verbal utterance I would consider it breaking that silence. Applause is a normal (and generally acceptable) response to an enjoyable performance. To expect a person, Michelle Obama or others, not to applaud during a debate is ludicrous. To call Mrs. Obama a liar because she did is even more ludicrous.
James R Hoffa October 22, 2012 at 06:44 PM
@rkk - Except that 'applauding' was expressly included in the list of prohibited activities that Michelle agreed not to engage in upon taking her seat in the auditorium. Candy Crowley: "The audience here in the hall has agreed to be polite and attentive; no cheering or booing or outbursts of any sort. We will set aside that agreement just this once to welcome President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney." From the official rules of conduct, as printed on the material received for those attending the debate in person: "No cheers, APPLAUSE, boos, hisses -- among other noisy distracting things -- so we may all concentrate on what the candidates have to say." (emphasis added) So yes, Michelle Obama is a LIAR because by taking her seat in the auditorium, she assented to behave according to the official rules - and clearly, she did not. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2012/10/17/michelle_obama_broke_agreed_upon_rules_clapped_at_debate.html Whether or not you personally believe that such behavior is appropriate or not is immaterial to this very real FACT. While you are entitled to your opinions, you are not entitled to your own FACTS. Try again.
Avenging Angel October 22, 2012 at 06:51 PM
This shameless piece is nothing more than an Alinsky-like character assassination, wholly without substance. Of course, when you cannot find a single attribute that would justify Tammy getting elected, all that's left is vacuous demonization.


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