Time Crunch is Reason for Not Running in Elmwood Park President Recall

Trustee Dave Cattoi explains his reasons for pulling out of the race in the Elmwood Park presidential recall.

I questioned staying in the race last night, and mentioned that I was considering dropping out. My wife and I talked about this a lot last night and this morning.

We had to really look at our priorities. The village is going through a rather rough time right now. I am confident that I could work with everyone to mend the areas that need mending and work on moving forward. However; the timing is not working out for me personally.

My wife and I are concerned that I won't have the time to dedicate to the office of president that the position will require. There are a lot of issues outside of the commercial development application that really need to be addressed. In my view these issues are as important, if not more so, than the commercial development application before the board. The combination of all of these things will require a lot of time that I am not sure that I will have.

I don't want to jump in and not be able to give 100%. Over the last 10 days, my calendar for fall seminars has really filled up. That is good news from a business and income view, but not a good one for devoting the time necessary to the village. In addition, we have a couple of family outings planned with the kids and grandkids. I just will be out of town more than I had anticipated. As you know, I had planned to run in April of 2013 and I think that I will return to that plan. Obviously, I will watch how things play out between now and April and make a final decision in January.

By waiting for the spring general election I can save the village some money by eliminating a primary and I will continue, as a trustee, to face the challenges we have before us right now.

Dave Cattoi
Elmwood Park


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