$35K Cash Bond for Man Accused of Beating Wife

A Caledonia man is being held in the Racine County Jail on a $35,000 cash bond after he allegedly beat up his wife and threatened to kill her.

Caledonia police say a 28-year-old man beat up his wife and threatened to kill her Saturday. Now, he's being held on a $35,000 cash bond.

Patch is withholding the name of the man to protect the victim.

He was charged Monday in Racine County Circuit Court with one felony count of false imprisonment, dangerous use of a weapon and one misdemeanor count each of battery and disorderly conduct. All charges come with a domestic abuse assessment and are listed as repeat offenses. If convicted, the man faces up to seven years in prison and/or up to $21,000 in fines.

Because the man has previous domestic abuse convictions, he could receive extra time for any sentence he might receive.

According to the criminal complaint, Caledonia police were dispatched at 10:45 p.m. Saturday for a call of a woman screaming in the 7000 block of Lone Elm Drive. When officers arrived, they saw a woman standing at the corner pointing to the home on Lone Elm.

Because the street was dark, officers activated their squad light and say they saw a woman kneeling on the porch with her hand raised and a man standing over her. The man was pulling her hair and had his other hand raised and balled in a fist as if he were going to strike the woman.

Police pulled their tasers and rushed the man, ordering him down on the ground. He released the woman and assumed the ordered position, the complaint reads. The neighbor whom officers first saw when they arrived was told to take the woman to her home, which they did after first retrieving the woman's children from the home. Police did call for extra squads.

Officers say once the man was secured in the back of a squad, the woman told them she didn't know what set off the fight. The woman told police the man ordered her to leave but when she tried to get her keys, he grabbed the keys and "started throwing her around." Eventually, the woman said she ran out the front door, but the man tackled her and held a knife to her face, saying he would kill her.

The neighbor confirmed to officers that she heard the man say, "I'll bury you," the complaint reads.

Police say the woman was able to snatch the knife out of the man's hands and fling it into the yard. It was at this point the woman said he grabbed her by the hair and started punching her in the face and head, picking her up and hitting her back down. 

The woman did invoke the 72-hour no contact and the man was read this information after being transported to the Racine County Jail, the complaint reads.

The man will next appear in court on Sept. 19. He remains in the Racine County Jail on a $35,000 cash bond. 
Republicunts September 11, 2013 at 10:41 PM
I'm glad this A-hoe doesn't live next door to me cause I would be goin to jail as well after I pulled a Zimmerman on him. Tuff Guy.


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