Asphalt Scam Comes to Caledonia

Caledonia police want residents to be alert about travelers trying to scam elderly homeowners.

Caledonia police are asking residents who have been approached by door-to-door asphalt crews about repaving their driveways with leftover materials to call detectives right away.

Investigators say a village employee alerted them to a resident in the 6100 Nicholson Road recently had their driveway repaved, but the job wasn't done very well.

"Traveler tactics are to sell door-to-door (making) claims such as having leftover asphalt," said Caledonia police Lt. Gary Larsen in a written statement. "(They) work for cash only and don't offer a contract."

Targets are typically the elderly, and work is usually substandard and/or incomplete, he added.

The homeowner explained that individuals came to his door and explained that they had extra asphalt and could pave his driveway. Work commenced after the parties haggled over the price and an agreement was reached. Only a basecoat was used, and the finish coat was never applied.

While an officer was at the home, a truck afixed with a Diamond Asphalt truck drove by, so police initiated a traffic stop and arrested a 46-year-old man from Pennsylvania.

"(We) would like any other Caledonia residence who have had asphalt work completed by individuals who approached them by door to door sales who may 
have been charged excessively for the quality of work that was completed," Larsen said.

Crews have been reported throughout Milwaukee and Racine counties, he added.

If any residents have been approached with this kind of "deal," they are urged to call Caledonia Detective Melissa Stardy at )262) 835-4423 ext 171.
mr605489 October 13, 2013 at 11:19 PM
I had two Hispanic males stop at my house a few months ago. Luckily my brother happened to be leaving and was still in my drive way and stayed until they had left. Last year my parents had two Hispanic Males also stop by their house and one kept talking to my Dad and the other one came around the side of the house trying to tell my Mom the information the other was giving to my Dad was a really good deal, but they knew enough to tell them to go on their way!
mr605489 October 13, 2013 at 11:21 PM
The trucks on both incidents were from out of state!


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