Broken Leg Results from Inattentive Driving Near Family Fest

A 22-year-old Racine man had just looked away for a minute at his GPS when he crashed into another car.

A Racine man had to be extricated out of the car he was driving following a two-car crash that happened at 4:56 p.m. Saturday in the 6400 block of Highway 38, just outside Family Fest.

According to a report by the :

A 54-year-old Oak Creek man was driving his vehicle southbound on Highway 38 when Javier Madrid, 22, of Racine, crashed the car he was driving into the Oak Creek man’s car. The Oak Creek man’s car then crashed into a parked car belonging to an off-duty Caledonia Fire Fighter. Madrid had to be cut out of the car and was taken to the hospital for a broken right leg.

Madrid was cited for inattentive driving after he told police that he was looking at his GPS when he struck the Oak Creek man’s car.


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