Man’s Car Vandalized, Thinks Part of a Pattern

Caledonia police advised a man that he might want to install exterior surveillance to catch the person(s) who are vandalizing his property.

A Caledonia man believes he is the victim of repeated vandalism, and police are stepping up patrols in his  neighborhood.

Police say a man called them on Oct. 1 to report that the radiator hose of his vehicle was intentionally disconnected, causing his engine to overheat. Specifically, the clamp that holds the hose in place had been moved so the hose would come off.

The man told officers the car had been in for a routine oil change on Sept. 27 and ran fine until his son drove it on Oct. 1. Maintenance records at the auto shop confirm that service was not performed on the coolant system.

Officers say the man believes two previous incidents and this situation could be connected. He told police his gas can was stolen from his garage and set on fire near the intersection of Newman and 3-Mile Roads, which he reported, and his mailbox was damaged, but he didn’t report it. 

The man questioned his son about friends and possible enemies at school, but the boy does not believe any of his classmates are responsible.

Caledonia police say there are no witnesses to these events and no suspects have been identified. Officers advised the man on the benefits of exterior surveillance cameras.


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