Two Arrested For Theft After They Got Their Truck Stuck In The Mud

Caledonia Police say the two men had loaded up fencing into their truck and had intended on selling it to a local scrap yard, but they got stuck in the mud.

A Caledonia man and Racine man were arrested for criminal trespassing, and theft after they allegedly took some fencing just before 2 p.m. Wednesday from Mulligan’s Mini Golf, 6633 Douglas Ave, Caledonia Police said.

Lt. Gary Larsen, of the Caledonia Police Department, said the two men “tried to help themselves” to some fencing that was on Mulligan’s property when Debbie Ladwig, who owns the business, saw the two men and called the police. The two men had gotten the truck they were driving stuck and had asked a friend to help pull them out.

The two men were going to take the fencing to a scrap yard to get money. The two other people in the second truck were also cited for trespassing, Larsen said.


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