Two Tosa Village Shops Burglarized Again

Both small businesses had stopped keeping cash in registers after break-ins earlier this year.

Two small shops in The Village of Wauwatosa suffered break-ins for the second time in a few months last week.

According to police reports:

An employee of , 1460 Underwood Ave., reported Oct. 30 that the shop had been broken into overnight. She had arrived about 11:40 a.m. and found the front door pried open.

She entered carefully and saw that the cash drawer was standing open and that the front desk area had been ransacked. She immediately backed out the door and called 911.

After officers cleared the building, she toured the store with them and found that the shop’s two security cameras and the computer on which any video would have been recorded had been stolen, along with a wireless router.

Only a small amount of change was taken from the cash register. The store no longer keeps cash in the register overnight after .

An area check by police officers revealed that , 1510 Underwood Ave., had also been burglarized overnight. Again, the front door had been pried open and the front counter rifled.

An empty cash drawer had been removed from one of the desk drawers; no cash was left on hand, again because of a previous burglary. An envelope containing some cash for an employee had been torn open and emptied.

Ray Ray Johnson November 06, 2011 at 08:40 PM
Yes. And you make a good observation-the 2 businesses are, like, WAY up the street and, like, way way far away. Like, more than 20 yards, which is a, like, BIG. I'll bet you can't throw a pair of handcuffs that far! I wonder in which direction points the taxpayer-paid big screen $3k LCD TV, with WI and PS3? But I digress, I'm not blaming the firemen. I am more blaming the fact that there is almost always at least one cop car there, with probably at least one cop sleeping, eating, shooting pool or playing in the arcade at the fire station. But I think I already said that.
Jim Price November 07, 2011 at 04:51 AM
The fact is, fellows, the guy who did the earlier break-ins was caught and is being prosecuted (as reported). This one will be, too. In the meantime, the police have advised the owners against leaving even a modest amount of cash on the premises and they have complied, so their loss is small, if still regrettable. We all want the police to catch every crook in the act, but most police work is after the fact, and evidence and diligence pays off in the end. Maybe Ray Ray and TosaShortTimer – before he gets out of Dodge – will get their CC licenses and patrol the sidewalks for us at night. I know I would sleep uneasier.
Ray Ray Johnson November 07, 2011 at 01:19 PM
Jim, you had a little attitude there! That's cool; it's your bat and your ball. But what I don't agree with are assumptions that CC amounts to vigilantism, or if it does, that vigilantism is per se bad. The fact is that the cops can't be everywhere, and even when they are, they are just people; they filter and assign a heirarchy of what comes into their minds through their senses just like everyone else. And, like most people, they follow the path of least resistance. They usually can only come by only to mop up after the mess is made. Cop is an acronym: Constable On Patrol. Down south where my folks live, regular guys are deputized to patrol their neighborhoods and the crime rate is nil in their little town. Is that such a bad concept- regular citizens taking care of safety in conjunction with paid police? The Flower Lady did what she could to prevent a loss; she took the cash out of the store, and she set up video surveillance. She could not protect herself from a sociopathic violation that makes it hard for regular people to sleep at night. Maybe SHE should get a CC permit. Wouldn't you, if you were her? I would. If the cops can't cover her when they are a stone's throw away they can't cover her at all, until after the fact. That's not an indictment of the cops, it's just the way of the unsafe world. Robbery steals more than stuff, it steals peace and trust. I take it from your tone that you think a CC license denotes a crazy person. I would disagree.
TosaEast82 November 07, 2011 at 02:36 PM
Jim no need to be snarky. These two businesses are barely making it financially, I don't think you understand the emotional toll it takes to be a business owner, to pay the rent, etc etc etc. This is probably why you are a flaming liberal/leftist. If I were those two businesses, I would leave Tosa, there is nothing here for a prosperous future.
Ray Ray Johnson November 07, 2011 at 09:09 PM
CHAIF . Constable Hanging Around in Fire Station.


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