Ex-military Man Busted For Grocery Thefts In Caledonia

He told police he was trying feed his family.

A veteran was cited for retail theft after he allegedly stole food from Pick’n Save, 5111 Douglas Avenue in October.

The Caledonia man was cited for retail theft after he was caught on surveillance camera “slip scanning” food five times for less than $100 in food. Slip scanning is when someone goes to an automated checkout line, and doesn’t scan or pay for the items, according to a report by the Caledonia Police Department.

When police interviewed the man, he started to cry, told police he was sorry and that he was trying to feed his family. He told the police the company he works for wasn’t able to make payroll, but that wasn't an excuse to do what he did. He promised that he would make restitution and would pay the citation.


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