How Much Did Your Neighbors Give to Obama, Romney?

Search Patch's interactive database to see who in Caledonia is making contributions to President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

While polls show President Barack Obama may have more support from Wisconsin voters than Republican candidate Mitt Romney, there are some indications that the race may be tightening.

Because Caledonia residents have Racine mailing address, it's difficult to precisely determine how much village residents have given to Obama and Romney. However, a look at contributions made by people living withing Caledonia's four ZIP codes shows that 296 people donated just over $15,000 to the Obama campaign and 67 people donated just under $20,000 to Romney's campaign.

However, not all of the people living in those ZIP codes live in the village. Part of the zip code areas crossover into the Town of Raymond, Village of Wind Point and the City of Racine.

A Marquette University poll released last week shows Obama leading Romney, 53 percent to 42 percent, which is down from the 14-point lead Obama held in the same poll in mid-September.

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Use this interactive database to learn more about which presidential candidates are getting money from Wisconsin residents. This database includes more than 25,000 individual contributions Wisconsin residents made to the two candidates through August.

The data, which is from the Federal Elections Commission, does not include contributions to political action committees or other outside groups.



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