How Properties In Caledonia Are Rezoned

With the developments being proposed in the Village. They often need to be rezoned before a developer can build on a property. Here's the process.


This process can run concurrently with a land use plan amendment request. Neighborhood meetings and meetings with staff can/might occur before any of the following steps. A pre-development Agreement is required between Village and the developer.

1. Application to petition for a rezoning is submitted to the Caledonia Zoning Administrator, per ordinance and statutory requirements. The filing deadline is approximately five weeks in advance of the hearing date. The rezone petition includes a legal description of the area to be rezoned, along with property dimensions, acreages, etc.

2. A Class II legal notice is required, with the 2nd notice being published one week in advance of the hearing (Racine Journal Times legal classified)

3. Property Owners within 300 feet of the boundary of the area to be rezoned are notified via USPS of a hearing date/time

4. Agendas are posted approximately one week ahead of the Plan Commission hearing by the Caledonia Village Clerk's office

5. The Village Plan Commission holds a public hearing and takes testimony for the record.

6. The Caledonia Zoning Administrator presents a brief staff memo outlining possible reasons for recommending or denying a rezoning petition

7. A recommendation to approve or deny the request is made by the Plan Commission

8. The item moves to the Village Board meeting for discussion and vote (majority needed).

9. If the zoning change is approved by the Village Board, the maps and text are amended accordingly. The next step is a conditional use hearing process.

10. NOTE:  If the rezoning request is denied, the file is closed and the applicant must wait one year to re-apply unless the request is substantially changed as determined by the Village.


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