Humane Society Contract Likely to Move Forward and Cost $32,000

Finance committee members gave a nod for the village to enter into a contract with the Wisconsin Humane Society, which will cost the same. However, the services won't be the same.

The Village Board's Finance Committee is recommending approval of contract with the Wisconsin Humane Society for animal shelter, euthanasia and dog pound services for $32,000.

The proposed contracted amount will be the same amount Caledonia paid in 2012. However, last year the contract was with Countryside Humane Society, which the Wisconsin Humane Society took over this year.

It also will receive less in services.

Village Administrator Mark Janiuk explained Tuesday night that the contract, which still needs to be approved by the full Village Board, won’t include animal control. However, it will provide for animal shelter, euthanasia and pound services for dogs, cats and exotic animals.

Police officers called to pick up animals will also be able to drop off animals at the shelter on a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week basis, and staff at the Wisconsin Humane Society will pick up animals from one location in the municipality.  

“If the police have a stray animal, they can either keep it in a cage at the Village Hall or Kathy (Trentadue’s) house, then have the Wisconsin Humane Society pick it up at that location,” Janiuk explained.

Kathy Trentadue is a village board member.

The contract also includes a fee for services in future years, which would be based on the number of days used and the number of animals served, Janiuk said.

“So, they aren’t giving you an exact figure, they are giving an exact formula,” Janiuk said. "So the price could change in subsequent years. The point I want to make here, though, is that we don’t have very many options.”

Village President Ron Coutts said he has been meeting with a number of municipal leaders and this was the biggest issue. A number of communities who had contracts with Countryside balked at the increase in the contracts last year.

Trustee Kevin Wanggaard said he believed the village should move forward and made a motion for the recommendation. The motion will need to have approval from the village board to move forward before Janiuk can enter into the contract.


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