Mount Pleasant Walmart Will be 'Best Looking Store' in SE Wisconsin

A Walmart Neighborhood Market will open in Mount Pleasant sometime in 2013 though a timeline has not yet been established.

Despite strong opposition from local businesses and some residents, a Walmart Neighborhood Market will open in Mount Pleasant sometime in 2013.

The with a 5-1 vote. Only Trustee and commission member Jerry Garski dissented.

Walmart attorney Debbie Tomczyk admitted to the commission that because Mount Pleasant planning staff insisted on several elements not normally included in a Neighborhood Market, this store might be the best looking in all of Southeast Wisconsin.

"Your planning department sent us back to the drawing board so often it kind of became a joke," she said. "They were tough and they challenged us, but in the end, this might be the best looking store in the region."

Some points the Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Market will include:

  • Stone and brick facade with bump outs to break up the flat wall space;
  • Four-sided architecture because the building is pushed up closer to Washington Avenue and parking is now in the back
  • A third of the site is greenspace including required plantings of different sizes and heights along side and back foundation walls to soften the appearance; and
  • All waste and service components are entirely enclosed so dumpsters and loading docks are not openly visible to customers and passersby.

The final landscaping plan has not yet been submitted, but Walmart representatives will continue to work with the village.

Deputy Planning Director Brennan Kane warned the Planning Commission that the Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Market might not be a one-of-a-kind for long, though.

"This might not be the only super duper Walmart built because other communities have contacted us about the conditions set forth in the site plan," he said.

A timeline for construction has not yet been determined, but the new store could be open sometime next summer or fall.

Tansandy August 26, 2012 at 10:27 AM
Hey Caledonia! I'll bet you wish you could get some of the tax dollars that this new store will generate. Would help in getting you out of the hole!!! And Terryann, It's called competition. Maybe the other stores will have to try something "new" to get or to keep my business. The old days in Racine of only thinking you have to turn on the lights to get people to spend there money at your business is over. Times change and the unwilling are left behind. It seems the new Pick n Save on Hwy 11 had no problems competing with Walmart just down the street.
C. Sanders August 26, 2012 at 12:48 PM
Look forward to shopping in the new store.
Tansandy August 26, 2012 at 02:30 PM
I see a lot of supposition and no hard facts to back-up your doomsday post. I wonder what you would say if Walmart was union? I guess we all know!
Heather Asiyanbi August 26, 2012 at 02:33 PM
@Pamela- because the Neighborhood Market as a commercial use fits in the village's land use plan for the Highway 20 commercial corridor, the village really couldn't do much. If there was secondary displacement ordinances, that would have helped too.
Tunafish November 08, 2012 at 08:27 PM
So now Sentry is going to close, with 60 jobs being eliminated there. But hey, there's gonna be a new, pretty Wal-Mart! When will you folks wake up?


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