Oak Creek Police Chief Meets With Obama

Chief John Edwards and police chiefs from Aurora, Colo. and Newtown, Conn. were part of a meeting at the White House on gun violence.

Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards and police chiefs from Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Conn., met with President Barack Obama Monday to discuss gun violence. 

Obama is drawing attention to the worst shootings of 2012 as the administration pushes a package of gun reform proposals.

Edwards told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the president's reforms likely would not have changed the events of Aug. 5, when a white supremacist killed six Oak Creek Sikh temple members. Gunman Wade Michael Page purchased a 9-millimeter handgun legally prior to the shooting and was not barred from owning it.

But in a shooting at an Oak Creek hotel in 2004, the gunman was a felon armed with an automatic weapon. Felons are prohibited from possessing a gun.

"We have to start somewhere. Someone in the meeting said 'how can we as Americans not do anything?'" Edwards told the newspaper. "We have to put things in place so they don't happen anymore."

Edwards said he wants a comprehensive way to trace ownership of guns, noting that car sellers must file paperwork after transferring ownership of vehicles, but gun sellers do not.

Oak Creek and other cities in which mass shootings took place have been in the center of a nationwide debate over how to address gun violence. Mayor Steve Scaffidi met with Obama and Vice President Joe Biden Jan. 16.

Patriot January 29, 2013 at 04:50 PM
Vocal is right on with her comments. All of you clueless sheeples just keep drinking the kool aid and keep your heads buried in the sand. Then one day when you wake up and you have to ask for permission to take your car out of your garage u can say what happened.
vocal local 1 January 29, 2013 at 05:03 PM
I think not. The public deserves honesty and accountability. When I raised issue on Lt. Murphy's rise to fame as a hero right after the incident I was told my questions were insensitive, were inappropriate. Nonsense, his actions were line of duty; he didn't follow established protocol. He put himself in harms way resulting in costly personal injury, the potential for rising insurance costs and caps and had there been four perps as the call ins reported did not service in his official capacity as a police officer to protect others that were not armed to protect self and others. Mayor Scaffidi was willing to put the issue up for discussion prior to meeting with the FBI right before the story changed. Post, he declared a proclamation and ignored resident requests for open discussion which to date he maintains. Do you really not want to know what happened that day? Your an old timer? How long have you been paying attention and maintaining silence while our great city and debt develops around us or should I write around the desires of We Energies/Wis Park? As far as the Sikhs, you'd have to understand Indian culture to understand their fears of the establishment and authority figures. How they will try to please to avoid confrontation and the consequences if at all possible. Such attitude is truly not Sikh but its the way things are most noteworthy now with the loss of key temple leaders.
Dale Hochevar January 29, 2013 at 07:25 PM
Are any of you actually reading what is being said????
oak creek resident January 30, 2013 at 12:28 AM
All I can say is this. The past Mayor of Oak Creek, Mayor Dick Bolender (R.I.P.) once said at a public meeting, even if he didn't agree over a issue, he would die defending the Constitution. I will always remember him for that statement. It showed me what kind of a man he was. After reading this article and some of these comments, I am very fearful for the citizens of Oak Creek, and our Constitutional rights. I wish Mayor Bolender was still in office.
Colette Bembenek January 30, 2013 at 07:27 PM
The former police chief, Youngblood, fled Oak Creek after being exposed as a 'player' and having had an affair with an O.C. police officer female. The present one.......and the topic; as getaclue said, "Are any of U actually reading what is being said ?" Good luck on this political arena/theater.


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