President Clinton Rallies Barrett Supporters

With the recall election four days away, the former president spoke at a rally with Democrat Tom Barrett at Pere Marquette Park.

Former President Bill Clinton visited Pere Marquette Park Friday to support Democrat Tom Barrett as Wisconsin's tumultuous recall election nears its end.

Clinton made cooperation the theme of his speech and hammered Gov. Scott Walker for his "divide and conquer" tactics.

"Everywhere I go in America, everywhere I go in the world, the only thing that's working is when you get everybody who's got a stake in the game in there, treat them with respect and people go forward together," Clinton said. "That's how you get out of a ditch."

Clinton said Barrett is the candidate better for education, the budget and creating jobs. He and Barrett also used the event to urge people to vote early, with absentee voting coming to an end Friday.

Hundreds filled the park just after 10 a.m. as Clinton and Barrett rallied the troops. A few Walker supporters were also sprinkled throughout the crowd carrying signs clearly identifying who they stood for. 

One man marched through the middle of the crowd with a sign that said, "Support Scott Walker, NOT Union Thugs." A Patch reader who attended the event said the man was shouting so loud, she couldn't even hear Clinton speak. Milwaukee Police confirm this is the only arrest from Friday's rally so far. 

Earlier Friday morning, the Republican Party of Wisconsin released a statement noting it was Clinton campaigning with Barrett, and not President Barack Obama.

"Clinton's arrival is clearly meant to provide cover for President Obama's refusal to campaign in Wisconsin, given that today the President will be attending three campaign events a stone's throw away in Minneapolis, and then three more in Chicago," Communications Director Ben Sparks said. "The President has made it clear he does not wish to touch Tom Barrett or this baseless recall election with a ten-foot-pole; he clearly learned a thing or two from the failed campaigns of Creigh Deeds and Martha Coakley."

Clinton briefly addressed some remarks he made in 2003 against the recall of then-California Gov. Gray Davis. He said then that recalling Davis "will create a circumstance where nobody ever makes a hard decision again," words that made the rounds ahead of his appearance in Wisconsin Friday.

"Ordinarily, I'm against recall elections," Clinton said. "But sometimes it is the only way to avoid a disastrous course."

The crowd erupted with cheers and applause after that statement, thrusting their signs into the air, filling the space above the crowd with a sea of political signs. 

Barrett, wearing a Brewers jacket, insisted the polls are close and said the election depends on voter turnout.

"(The election) is for you, it's for your children, it's for your grandchildren, it's for our state," Barrett said. "We know Scott Walker has become the rock star of the far right ... my intent is to serve the people of this state, because it's the people of this state that deserve to have a governor on their side."

Following the rally, Clinton signed books and political signs for a few supporters before being whisked away by the Secret Service. 

Check back on Patch later today for updates on this story.

The Anti-Alinsky June 03, 2012 at 02:18 AM
You better reread your source ReCall ! A third party can release any information they have in their possession. That doesn't mean Governor Walker can just give them to you and you can release them. You really need to get more details before you post things like that!
Bewildered June 03, 2012 at 02:48 AM
Ya know, if I hear "he's a rock star. I'm rock solid" one more time, I think I'll be sick. My two young, first time voting kids just laugh and mock the mayor for his quote. One would think his speachwriters could do better than that. Down 7% and trends showing the lead growing, three days to go, the Mayor might try a new catch phrase. This failing campaign is going hard to put on the resumes of the left paid campaign staff. Think they'll fess up to working on the Klopy/Pasch/Barrett campaigns? Neither do i. But I must admit, "I'm not a rock star, im rock solid" could make a pretty good rap song. Oh yea, anyone catch the mayor's claim no one on his staff has ever been convicted of a felony was rated 100% false today by MJS? Opps There goes another well thought out sound bite. Wonder if he will continue using it knowing it's a lie? I have no doubt about the answer to that either.
Bucky June 03, 2012 at 02:29 PM
This is a must read ... http://wcmcoop.com/members/integrity-the-child-scott-walker-left-behind/
Bewildered June 03, 2012 at 02:43 PM
First of all, wcmcoop is a totally recall organizing org. ( check it out) and hardly a legit source Second, the story doesn't not have one shred of evidence. This is last minute, desperate, mudslinging by a failing recall movement. This about as low as the left can go.. Question, Recall: are you a paid troll. Sure seems so as you are spreading lies on every Patch string. Can get worse than this. Let's make up crap with absolutely no facts or truth to back them up. We see thru your feeble game and laugh at you
Dick at SCORE June 03, 2012 at 06:07 PM
Given the presence of rock star former Pres. Bill Clinton, an interesting question is "Where is the current occupant of the White House?" Pres. Obama was traveling in Minnesota last week but somehow failed to show up to even shake hands with the Democratic candidate in this watershed election. Too hot to handle? Don't throw good money after bad? Had to go to a conflicting fundraiser for his own campaign? Had a previous commitment for a game of golf or hoops? Hmmmm.


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