Ryan Interchange Reconstruction May Be Delayed

The work was originally planned for 2014, but the DOT wants to push back the project to an undetermined future date.

The reconstruction of the Ryan Road Interchange may not be done in 2014 as planned.

The state Department of Transportation recommended in its budget request to push back construction at the Ryan Road Interchange to an undetermined date in the future, DOT spokeswoman Emlynn Grisar said.

Grisar didn't say why the DOT wants to delay the project. Oak Creek City Engineer Mike Simmons said the state's proposed budget shows less funding for I-94 work in the Milwaukee area in general, and the Ryan Road Interchange appears to be a casualty of that.

State officials are still preparing the 2013-15 biennial budget proposal, so it's possible the project could be reinserted before the state Legislature approves a final version.

Construction had been scheduled for next year as part of the DOT's massive Interstate 94 north-south project—which includes the highway between the airport and Illinois border—expected to continue to 2021.

Reconstruction of the Rawson Interchange is still on schedule to get under way this year, while the new Drexel Interchange opened at the end of 2012.

Meanwhile, unrelated work at the Ryan Road Interchange began this week.

The DOT is replacing box culvert and drainage facilities on two of the ramps: the I-94 west exit ramp to Ryan and the I-94 east entrance ramp from Ryan.

As a result, shoulders on both of those ramps will be closed until the fall. It may also mean overnight lane and ramp closures as necessary, officials said.

SuperWestern is the prime contractor for the $1.9 million project.

Mike in OC January 12, 2013 at 04:33 AM
@al.... well i guess you have your opinion and i have mine... sounds like you are a liberal
Dirk January 12, 2013 at 04:11 PM
Brilliant Mike. You're wrong by the way. You appear to be bloviating about something you know little about. Who can we contact regarding the delay in this project? "Undetermined future date" sounds like something our failed administration would throw out there.
Mike in OC January 13, 2013 at 03:56 PM
@dirk... ok, you are the expert.... and only your opinion matters.... but it appears you are another liberal that just wants to spend money. Ive used the Ryan Rd ramps extensively over the past 8 years... mornings, afternoons, evenings, nights.... alot more than the 2 times a day that Al mentioned. Sure there is traffic there but if we can live without having to spend the money in these tough times, I support saving the money until its absolutely necessary. I sincerely appoligize for having an opinion. The new Drexel exchange has obviously reduced the amount of traffic that uses the Ryan exchange... but I don't have to tell you that because you are omniscient.
Al Douglas January 14, 2013 at 03:02 AM
@mike "alot" is not a word.
DENNIS JANSSEN September 19, 2013 at 12:29 PM
Wow Mike---YOU are the one sounding like a Liberal. And---again---as previously pointed out---YOU are wrong! The Ryan road interchange has needed updating for many years---not entirely, but mostly because of the proximity of the truck stop. I have witnessed over the years, hundreds of close calls because of poor design. Plus the numerous accidents that continue to happen. The Drexel interchange does not alleviate much, as the vast majority of the truckers getting off the interstate in this area---are utilizing the truck stop. So a little pressure off of Ryan road---yes. But not near enough to make it safe. The Wisconsin Interstate system is terribly designed, was really never completed, and is a joke, compared to many cities around this great nation. For anyone out there thinking that we do not need to spend the money on the interstate system---take a nice cross- country drive, and you will then realize how atrociously far behind, the state of Wisconsin is.


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