State Democrats Want GOP 'Protest' Candidates Off Recall Ballot

In a move that surprises no one because it was announced the other day, Jeremy Levinson, attorney for the state Democratic Party, has filed a formal complaint with the state Government Accountability Board over the GOP's "protest" candidates.

Well, it's officially a complaint now.

The Associated Press is reporting that Jeremy Levinson, attorney for state Democrats, has filed a formal complaint with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board over the state GOP running "protest" candidates in the upcoming recall elections.

Levinson wants the six candidates — four in the state Senate recalls as well as governor and lieutenant governor contests — removed from the ballot because he claims when they really aren't.

Levinson says the "protest" candidates — including Tamra Varebrook in Racine County for the 21st Senate District — are just a way for the Republicans to manipulate the elections. Republicans say they're running the "fake Democrats" to keep Democrats from dictating the scheduling of elections.

But Levinson's argument also includes charges of disenfranchisement.

"Since people can sign only one candidate's nomination paper per office, anyone who signed a fake Democrat's papers lost an opportunity to nominate a legitimate Democrat," he is quoted as saying.

Ben Sparks, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin, said the GAB was well aware of and still allowed the six "protest" candidates on the ballot.

As for what the GAB will do, Reid Magney, spokesman for the agency, said any challenges will be taken up at Tuesday's board meeting.

enicar333 April 14, 2012 at 02:09 AM
Obama hasn't done anything good for the People. He is an Insider and a friend of the Banksters - just as those on the Republican side. You don't make it to President without being a friend of Wall Street. Obama has bailed the Banksters out with tax $$$. You want healthcare reform? I do to. You don't do it by trying to force people to purchase it from private FOR-PROFIT Corporations. YOU END For-Profit Insurance, limit and cap salaries for thos who run the non-profit insurance funds - institute tort reform and limit liability for health practicioners - You don't shred the Constitution and enrich your cronies in the for profit insurance scam. Peak oil is here, along with persistent high energy prices - it is a game changer. The good old days are gone - austerity Is coming - Americans can't deal with austerity.
Travelfan1 April 14, 2012 at 02:54 PM
You are so-o-o spot on Mocha Mel. Nice to see the facts intelligently delivered. Thank you!
conservachick April 14, 2012 at 04:46 PM
Let's see: Wisconsin Senators leave state - nothing shady there Judges hold up bills and sign recall petitions- no problem Progressives decide they are going to recall every vulnerable republican candidate = ethical Crying about it when their methods are use against them = hypocritical and laughable
michael rorah April 15, 2012 at 06:16 PM
enicar333: How much are you being paid?
morninmist April 16, 2012 at 12:09 PM
Walker is going down come June 5 or sooner. Walker LIES! Spud Lovr ‏ @SpudLovr Of Gov Walker's 45 statements only 10 rated true or partially true (22%). http://ow.ly/ac7x2 #wiunion #wirecall Walker being loyal to ALEC rather than the WI is NOT OK! America United ‏ @Progress2day RT @coffeebean26: Well well. Here is a pic of Walker with #Koch lobbyist & ALEC chair, Amy Boyer. http://sheboygancountyedc.com/assets/About-Us/Newsletter/20110328-newsletter.pdf #WIunion #WIrecall Cutting Education funds for our children is NOT OK! WI State AFL-CIO ‏ @wisaflcio We're #1...in cuts to education. Thanks, Gov. Walker for taking Wisconsin backwards #WIrecall #reclaimWI http://pic.twitter.com/kNhgdgOw WALKER IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED TO CARE FOR WI AND ITS PEOPLE! Chris Liebenthal ‏ @Cog_Dis A year ago, Scott Walker testified, under oath, that he did not campaign on union busting and that Act 10 saved the state no money.#wiunion


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