Village Board To Discuss Highway 38, New Projects, And Removal of Plan Commission Member

Community Development Authority will also hold public hearing on tax incremental finance district.

The Community Development Authority will hold a public hearing about the Tax Incremental Finance District at 6 p.m. tonight, Sept. 6 at the , 6156 Douglas Ave.

  • Public Hearing Regarding the Proposed Project Plan, Boundary and Creation of Tax Incremental District #3. Latest story
  • Consideration and Approval of Resolution 2011-13 – A Resolution Designating Proposed Boundaries and Approving a Project Plan for Tax Incremental District No. 3. Here's the latest we've written.

The Village Board meeting will be held at 7 p.m. tonight, Sept. 6 at the East Side Community Center, 6156 Douglas Ave.

  • Correspondence from citizens regarding redesign
  • Site Plan Review/for control panel along Dunkelow Road as part of attenuation /Caledonia Utility District.
  • Concept Plan/CTH “H” & Adams Road//Oscar Toscano.
  • Site Plan Review/for a therapeutic horse-riding facility (d/b/a /7337 Foley Road/M. W. Hilpert Trust, Owner/Margaret Isaacson, Applicant
  • Request for a 3-year extension on for Cascade Ridge subdivision, Briarwood Condominiums, and Hunter’s Reserve
  • Resolution 2011-14 -Recreating and Designating Polling Locations
  • Resolution 2011-15 – Repeal and Recreate the Village of Caledonia Ward Redistricting Plan
  • Resolution 2011-16 – Relocation order of the Village of Caledonia affecting properties located  along Seven Mile Road including Lot 1 in Certified Survey map No. 3014, an improved t-turnaround located east of the intersection of Seven Mile Road and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks and an improved cul de sac located west of the intersection of Seven Mile Road and the Union Pacific railroad tracks in the Village of Caledonia, Racine County, Wisconsin
  • Award bid for ProjectApproval of Agreement with the City of Racine for the reconstruction and improvement of a portion of Three Mile Road
  • Authorize Village President and the Clerk to execute all documents necessary, including the condemnation deed, and to take all actions necessary to implement the Relocation Order and the Stipulation and Agreement regarding the Condemnation proceedings with Wisconsin Electric Power Company
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