Park High School Graduates Told to Stay Open to New Experiences

Another chapter in the life of the Washington Park High School Class of 2012 closes and another opens during Sunday's commencement exercises.

After telling students to remember that the people who make the greatest difference in their lives are the ones who them the most, Washington Park High School Principal Dan Thielen also told them to not be afraid of failure.

"You have the courage to persevere to get through roadblocks," he said. "Learn from your setbacks so you succeed."

Salutatorian Tricia Gustin said now that one of the biggest journeys of their lives has come to an end, she wanted her classmates to remember how they got there.

"Thank you to all of you who supported me always," she said. "I encourage my fellow graduates to the same. I hope we all succeed and make the world a better place."

Steve Savas, an inductee into the Park Hall of Fame from the Class of 1950, told graduates they can and do make a difference.

"Be responsible citizens because you can make a difference, you do make a difference," he said. "Remember to be kind and give back to your community."

But Valedictorian Wan Farah Nadia Wan Rosli perhaps summed it up best when she said she wasn't sure why getting the best grades and scores suddenly made her the best person to address the class and their families.

"Since when does a 17-year-old have the wisdom to write a speech that keeps you awake?" she joked. "I'm a normal kid and after everyone asks us to be responsible, be respectful be careful, be passionate, and whatever else, I would ask one more thing. Be open."

More, Rosli wants her fellow grads to embrace curiosity and move forward to try anything, to accept and learn from failing. She concluded her remarks with an oft-repeated phrase heard at Park.

"It's a great day to be a Panther," she stated.

Park seniors were awarded $880,000 in scholarships. Here's the list:

  • Air Force Scholarship, Nick Kuroski
  • Alcorn State Athletic Scholarship, Jordan Payne
  • Allen Onnick Scholarship (PTA), Lauryn Berger
  • Androff Scholarship, Brett Kusters
  • Briar Cliff University Scholarship, Deanna Ayala
  • Carroll University Hilger Scholarship, Hillary Hunt
  • Carroll University Vorhees Scholarship, Hillary Hunt
  • Carthage College Scholarship, Christian Garcia
  • Catholic Community Foundation, Peighton Kelsey
  • Chancellor's Scholarship, Cari DePelecyn
  • Class of 1959, Deanna Ayala
  • Class of 1960, Sean Stuebe
  • Class of 1969, Anna Jandl
  • Concordia University Hayes Scholarship, Reginald Kirby
  • Daughters of the American Revolution, Nick Kuroski
  • Dave Madsen Memorial Scholarship, Katelynne Rosenberg
  • Dennis J. Barry Student Achievement Scholarship, Kohle Simmons
  • Educators Leadership Scholarship, Brett Kusters
  • English Dept Award, Colin Maresh
  • English Dept Award, Nadia Wan Rosli
  • English Dept Award, Paul Oemig
  • English Dept Award, Tyler Odders
  • Evan Bixler Memorial Scholarship, Paul Oemig
  • Frank J. Borsch Scholarship, Mitchel Pelish
  • GEAR UP Scholarship, Destiney Horner
  • Glen Nyboe Athletic Scholarship & Award, Alexander Sadowski
  • Glen Nyboe Athletic Scholarship & Award, Deanna Ayala
  • Glen Nyboe Athletic Scholarship & Award, Monica Drea
  • Hallam Family Scholarship, Destiney Horner
  • Henry P. & Marjorie W. Bruener Scholarship, Yori Hoskins
  • Irene and Warner Stills Memorial, Austin Tenner
  • J. William Christensen Scholarship, Emily Carbajal
  • James C Thompson Student Leadership Scholarship, Miranda George
  • James C Thompson Student Leadership Scholarship, Nicole Wilson
  • Jim Ennis Scholarship, Brett Kusters
  • Kirch Memorial Scholarship, Lauryn Berger
  • Lockwood Scholarship, Austin Knapp
  • Lockwood Scholarship, Elizabeth Rouze
  • Lockwood Scholarship, Jalina Wilhelmi
  • Lockwood Scholarship, Jazlyn Collins
  • Lockwood Scholarship, Joseph Vital
  • Lockwood Scholarship, Lynsey Feest
  • Lockwood Scholarship, Melissa Jaeck
  • Lockwood Scholarship, Reed Schmidt
  • Lockwood Scholarship, Shantavia Young
  • Lockwood Scholarship, Taryn Thilleman
  • Madison Fast Track Scholarship, Francisco Martinez
  • Marian University Nabor Scholarship, Devon Hall
  • Marian University Trustee Scholarship, Devan Hall
  • Marine Corp. - Distinguished Athlete, Melvin Bedford
  • Marine Corp. - Distinguished Athlete, Rachel Margis
  • Marine Corp. - Scholastic Excellence, Nick Harlan
  • Marine Corp. - Semper Fidelis Award, Jocelyn Klinkhammer
  • Military Childrens scholarship, Nick Harlan
  • Mr. Park Runner-Up Scholarship, Nick Kuroski
  • Mr. Park Scholarship, Zach Taylor
  • MVP Softball Tournament Award, Deanna Ayala
  • Navy Enlistment Bonus, Jonathan Bloom
  • Northern MI University Board of Trustee Scholarship, Nick Harlan
  • Northern MI University Outstanding Achievement Schol, Nick Harlan
  • Northern MI University Scholarship, Nick Harlan
  • Northside Business Association, Justin Drier
  • Panther Scramble, Brett Kusters
  • Panther Scramble, Dustin Oetzman
  • Panther Scramble, Jacob Clarke
  • Panther Scramble, Konley Cannalte
  • Panther Scramble, Miranda George
  • Panther Scramble, Nicole Wilson
  • Panther Scramble, Reed Schmidt
  • Panther Scramble, Tucker Iverson
  • Park Family & Consumer Science Dept Award, Emma Paulson
  • Park Family & Consumer Science Dept Award, Hollie Christensen
  • Park Family & Consumer Science Dept Award, Lynsey Feest
  • Park High School Hall of Fame, Colin Maresh
  • Park High School Hall of Fame, Crystina Hawley
  • Park Outstanding Athlete, Jordan Payne
  • Park Outstanding Athlete, Rachel Margis
  • Park PTSA Scholarship, Dustin Oetzman
  • Park PTSA Scholarship, Nicole Wilson
  • Park Social Studies Dept Scholarship, Monica Drea
  • Park Social Studies Dept Scholarship, Tricia Gustin
  • Park Staff Alumni Scholarship, Allison Kasprovich
  • Peacemaker Award, Reed Schmidt
  • Perkins Memorial Scholarship, Kelsey Krekling
  • Phi Delta Kappa Scholarship, Brett Kusters
  • Por La Gente Scholarship, Francisco Martinez
  • Principal's Special Scholarship, Shantavia Young
  • PTA Council Scholarship, Cari DePelecyn
  • PTA Council Scholarship, Paul Oemig
  • Racine Area Retired Educators Award (RAREA), Brett Kusters
  • Rendall Family Scholarship, Alex Saunders
  • Rendall Family Scholarship, Hollie Christensen
  • Rendall Family Scholarship, Konley Cannalte
  • Rendall Family Scholarship, Zach Taylor
  • Ripon Diversity Scholarship, Shantavia Young
  • S.C. Johnson Young Leaders, Jazlyn Collins
  • S.C. Johnson Young Leaders, Kimberly Penza
  • Science Community Scholarship (PTA), Nick Kuroski
  • Science Dept Award, Crystina Hawley
  • Science Dept Award, Nadia Wan Rosli
  • Science Dept Award, Tyler Odders
  • St. Davis Scholarship, Colin Maresh
  • Tim Pincikowski Memorial Scholarship, Nick Kuroski
  • Tom Spraker Dramatic Arts Scholarship, Allison Kasprovich
  • Univerity of Miami Scholarship, Khedejia Edwards
  • UW-Madison, Tucker Iverson
  • UW-Madison PEOPLE scholarship, Francisco Martinez
  • UW-Madison PEOPLE scholarship, Nadia Wan Rosli
  • UW-Madison Promise Scholarship, Tricia Gustin
  • UW-Milwaukee Athletic Scholarship, Rachel Margis
  • UW-Oshkosh Chancellors' Scholarship, Brett Kusters
  • UW-Platteville Scholarship, Jalina Wilhelmi
  • UW-Platteville Washington Park Community Scholarship, Jalina Wilhelmi
  • Val Peterson Memorial Scholarship (PTA), Brett Kusters
  • Viterbo Nightengale Scholarship, Jocelyn Klinkhammer
  • Viterbo Presidential Scholarship, Jocelyn Klinkhammer
  • Voice of Democracy Scholarship, Annica Abbott
  • Walter Curtis Palmer Scholarship, Monica Drea
  • Walter Curtis Palmer Scholarship, Nicole Wilson
  • Wednesday Optimist Club Aceto Scholarship, Colin Maresh
  • Wednesday Optimist Club Aceto Scholarship, Nadia Wan Rosli
  • Westminster College Scholarship, Christian Garcia
  • WI Lutheran College Scholarship, Xaiver Anderson
  • WIAA Student Athlete, Nick Kuroski
  • WIAA Student Athlete, Rachel Margis
  • Wisconsin Academic Excellence, Jocelyn Klinkhammer
  • Wisconsin Academic Excellence, Monica Drea
  • Wisconsin Academic Excellence, Nadia Wan Rosli
  • Wisconsin Academic Excellence, Nick Kuroski
  • Wisconsin Academic Excellence, Tricia Gustin


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