Racine Unified Seniors Score Average 21 on ACT

Statewide, the average is a 22.2 composite out of 36 possible points.

Seniors at four of Racine Unified's high schools scored an average of 21 composite out of the 36 points on the ACT college readiness exam.

The state Department of Public Instruction posted the results for recently graduated seniors on its website.

According to a story from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the percentage of seniors who took the ACT is higher than it's ever been. Still, the state average score is 22.2, so RUSD students are a little under that benchmark.

Here's how it breaks out:

J.I. Case - 234 of 582 seniors had an average composite of 21.3

William Horlick - 229 of 573 seniors had an average composite of 20

Washington Park - 203 of 581 seniors had an average composite of 19.9

Walden III - 56 of 67 seniors had an average composite of 22.7


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