Horlick High School Students Warm A Woman's Heart With Song

Members of the Horlick High School Chorale knew their friend's mom might need a little pick-me-up on Valentine's Day, so they delivered a singing Valentine's Day telegram to her.

Chris Windsor, who works at , has never been apart from her husband Jim for the 22 years they've been married -- until now. Jim, who was unemployed for over a year, just got a job in Ohio and he left to start that job three weeks ago. Chris is staying in Wisconsin with their children until the school year is finished.

So several students -- Rina Rebecchi, Kaeleigh Zebrowski, David Harrison and Amanda Caison -- from the Horlick High School Chorale - who are friends with Chris and Jim's daughter Kasey - decided to "make her day" by delivering a singing Valentine's Day telegram to her this afternoon.

Karen Itzenhuiser February 16, 2012 at 06:33 AM
What a special and thoughtful gift these kids did for her. I know how she feels because I've had the same low and sad feeling when my husband left for a new job here and me and our 4 kids stayed in Florida until school was out (5 months later.) This year my 10year old grandaughter called and sang with her school choir over the phone...It was delightful and brightenend our day.


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