Horlick Teacher Says 'No' to Getting Award from Paul Ryan

Selected as a recipient of an annual Humanitarian Award in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Al Levie would not accept the award from Congressman Paul Ryan because of Ryan's stance on certain issues.

Being chosen to receive an award because of your dedication to your community is usually a time for celebreation. But Al Levie, a Horlick High School teacher, on Jan. 16 decided to turn away from part of his Humanitarian Award because of who was presenting it to him.

Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Janesville) was at the ceremony to award his own Congressional Certificate of Recognition to . The event took place at the Kenosha campus of Gateway Technical College in honor of the late Martin Luther King, Jr. While Levie can be seen in the video holding his Humanitarian Award, when Ryan tries to hand Levie the Congressional Certificate, he turns away and speaks to the crowd.

What he says isn't audible, but after the ceremony, Levie is on video as saying he couldn't in good conscience take the certificate from Ryan because Ryan "is a lackey for the 1 percent." More, he said it felt hypocritical to have Ryan there because while King fought for adequate healthcare for all, Ryan votes to slash healthcare.

More, Levie said King was on the side of working people, but Ryan has no connection with the working class. Finally, Levie states that for Ryan to come to an event that honors someone of King's stature is just wrong.

What do you think of Levie's actions?

RNPRN January 30, 2012 at 11:04 PM
Good for the recipient. Ryan collected social security when his father died, now he wants to gut the system. He has never held a "real" job, just another life long politician, living off the taxpayers.
Scarlett Rose February 02, 2012 at 11:57 AM
I bet he would have accepted that certificate from ROBERT BYRD (Democrat west virginia) even though he was a former grand wizard in the KKK. You KNOW he wouldn't have snubbed him just because he is a democrat. This was all a show. ALL dems worshiped Robert "KKK" Byrd former very 'openly' clan memeber, and yet as they are kissing byrd's butt they are calling others racist. Nice. But the press covers all that up, and only lets dems see what they want to see, and they are just fine with that.
Scarlett Rose February 02, 2012 at 11:59 AM
yeah, and Michelle obama eats cheeseburgers, fries, chocolate shakes, and ice cream but wants all of us to have someone tell us not to eat it. How come she can make a decision for herself but she doesn't think we can? Why does she have the right to make her own decisions but thinks we can't? It goes both ways. I'm sure she only eats junk food sparingly, so why does she think we aren't smart enough to do the same?? Your pulling that ole, he did this, and wants us to do something else - they ALL do that - ESPECIALLY your n a z i democrat hero leaders RNPRN ... they are always pulling that stuff.
Dennis Allen February 02, 2012 at 11:28 PM
This Dem doesn't worship Robert Byrd, I didn't even know who he was till you stated that, anyway , You teapublicans need to get a real life. The man was honored for working in the community. You don't have to like him. It's not you honoring him.
Born Free February 22, 2012 at 06:08 PM
Levie's purpose is to white wash Communism/Socialism, period. As a teacher/educator who's getting paid by the tax payers he should be teaching from a neutral position in order for the tax payer to get the most bang for the buck. He's turning out under educated kids and can't be fired but hey, that's the union way - - no bang for the buck. Now if some person feels the shallow need to play up the race card here you might want to first see what Larry Elder, Alan West, Thomas Sowell, Ken Blackwell, Charles Payne, Walter E. Williams and Star Parker just to begin with all have to say about race and politics at townhall.com


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