Blockbuster Gets Replaced By Little Blue Box and Redbox

The signs were taken down from the Blockbuster store early Wednesday morning, and that didn't go over well with some customers.

Early Wednesday morning, Daniel Christensen, Mark Duncanson, and Tim Kinyon from Michael's Signs in Racine took down the faded blue Blockbuster signs.

The abruptly Monday night. But movie rentals are still available, with a Redbox at , 5005 Douglas Ave., and a Blockbuster kiosk at , 4960 Douglas Ave.

A handwritten note over the dropbox directed customers to drop off their movies at the St. Francis location on Layton and Pennsylvania avenue.

The news of Caledon'a Blockbuster, 5055 Douglas Ave., closing has not gone over well with some former customers. But others said the store failed to change with the times and its demise was inevitable.

David Koniechko:

I just called the St. Francis location ..They said I can just mail it back to them..The manager told me the employees at the Blockbuster in Racine had no idea they were closing..It figures because they never told me on friday.

Eddie Willing:

I came by last night at 9:30, as two others walked up with me and Riley. We were shocked, cuz I was just there yesterday and everything was fine.

I know Blockbuster wasn't for everyone. But there is a niche that likes the ex...perience, and I think Blockbuster fell into this awkward transition as the market changed. They couldn't contract and transform quick enough to meet the changes, but I think someday there may be a smaller, more modernized adaptation. I can't say what it'd be or I'd be rich myself off the idea... but when there's a market for something (there's thousands of us here!), someone will find a way to meet it.

For the time being I'm very disappointed, and so was my son. A 4 yr old said "they died? Daddy the movie store died?"

Yes, it appears it has, Riley. Something I loved growing up, and sharing with my son is now dead.

Nevermind the 8-10 employees that are out of work now, too.

Damien Valentine:

Sad but their business model was too slow to change. They were surrounded by Red Boxes and the Stores have way too much overhead. They will be missed more that some will think streaming via the Internet is great until regulations shut those types of methods down (or prices go up, oh wait Netflix just upped their prices by 60%. Who saw that coming).

Jonathan Zaborsky

I agree. Blockbuster just didnt keep up with the times and the advance of technology. There are so many more options for entertainment now. Redbox and Netflix are some but also on demand movies on cable, plus Amazon, and iTunes.


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