Walmart, 4 Mile Road, SC Johnson and a Heroic Dog

Missed the biggest stories last week? Get caught up here. We've got the news about Walmart, 4 Mile Road construction, a dog that saved a Wind Point neighborhood and people's thoughts on SC Johnson.

With Walmart in front of the Planning Commission, the retail giant grabbed headlines again this week. 

Discrepancies between plans that outline how development should happen in Caledonia have put a roadblock in front of the proposed Walmart at North Green Bay and 4 Mile roads. Village officials agree the discrepancy needs to be resolved, but have not yet determined how. As of 2:45 p.m. Saturday, votes on our poll about what the village should allow at the site are coming out in favor of Walmart. There are also , happening within the village.

A dog out for a walk sniffed out a gas leak under a Wind Point street, leading its owner to call We Energies. Part of the street was torn up to repair it. 

The ongoing construction at 4 Mile Road is on track (though still about six months behind earlier estimates).

SC Johnson recently posted 27 new jobs, and our article about those was another of our most-read stories last week. 

The Department of Natural Resources came out with the results of a wide-reaching look at molybdenum contamination in area wells. They didn't find out what was causing the contamination, but discovered molybdenum in wells in more areas than expected. The Health Department is offering molybdenum testing kits for people who would like to test their own water for the chemical.


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