TELL US: How Do You Go Green?

Share your best tips and tricks for living the green life here in Caledonia.

We're looking for all the great ways Caledonia natives are working to preserve and protect the Earth. 

From composting to creative recycling, we want to hear what you do to minimize your carbon footprint, reduce waste, and just live a greener lifestyle. Please tell us in the comments below or upload a picture! 

Heather in Caledonia April 28, 2013 at 03:01 PM
I'm all about saving money, so usually that goes right along with doing things "green." Buying from local farmers if often cheaper and the food is better quality (doesn't spoil before I can use it), so it saves me money and supports local producers. Keeping the house cool in winter and warm in summer, cooking at home instead of eating out, not using chemicals on the lawn, mowing only when the grass actually needs it, having rummage sales instead of just throwing things out, etc., etc. We've all been told over and over how best to Save the Planet and help your wallet. One thing I don't do that I would like to is have a compost bin. I've seen those barrels that you can rotate every week or so - they're closed so it doesn't smell as bad and it can be flipped around to mix well. Anyone have one of those?


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