Can You Help Identify These Theft Suspects?

Caledonia police are asking for the public's help identifying the suspects in these photos because they stole a woman's purse and used her credit cards.

Caledonia police are asking for the public's help identifying the theft suspects in the attached photos.

On Aug. 20, officers were called at 5:15 p.m. to the Pick-n-Save, 5111 Douglas Ave., for a report of a purse stolen out of a vehicle in the parking lot. The suspect(s) broke the front passenger side window to gain entrance to the car.

The woman who owns the car told police that she was inside the store for about 45 minutes and had left her purse on the floor of the passenger side. Inside were a number of credit cards, check books, and the woman's social security card, according to police reports.

Activity on the credit cards did not start rolling in until the woman returned home after reporting the incident to police. By then, the thieves had visited a Walmart in West Milwaukee and charged almost $1,000 worth of merchandise and a transaction was also recorded at an Amoco gas station, police reports read.

Police say they advised the woman to write down her credit card numbers along with any transactions recorded after her purse was taken, including where the incidents occurred, date and time and any purchase information. 

Since then, the woman has supplied Caledonia investigators with a spread sheet detailing all the transaction information she was able to obtain from her credit card companies; some $13,000 in attempted charges and over $3,000 in approved purchases, she told Patch.

Many of the incidents are recorded at Boston Store, Macy's, and Walmart at or near Mayfair Mall, the woman added.

Caledonia detectives say each transaction - whether approved or declined - is a felony charge of identity theft. If the suspect(s) signed for a purchase, that's felony fraud, too, on top of the original charges for stealing the purse out of the woman's car.

Anyone with information about these crimes can leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers at (262)636-9330, via email through the website www.racine.crimestoppersweb.com or by sending a text message to CRIMES (274637) and typing in RACS with your text message. Tips leading to arrest could mean a reward.
Janette Mims September 27, 2013 at 10:52 AM
I hope the pictures will make someone do the right thing, and turn them in. The pictures obviously show they are People of Color (so am I). Let's not make that the issue..Let's work together as community and take a stand on letting people take and get away with it..
Eve Thielen April 24, 2014 at 02:34 PM
Update: Never caught the low lives. The police said this is a gang that goes around the country and does this crap. They call themselves the "End Lane Gang" Credit card companies are useless at helping apprehend these thieves as they leave it all up to local authorities and spend nothing to help stop this ongoing growing career opportunity for the scum bags of the world. They don't require merchants to ask for ID or check signatures nor hold them accountable for not doing so. My advise is to stop supporting the wealthy credit and debit card companies and banks all together and eliminate the opportunity by using cash only. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are all raping the small businesses every month with their fees yet contribute nothing to end this ongoing saga.
JW April 24, 2014 at 03:41 PM
I do not deal with cash... way too much of a hassle to get it and have it on hand. And if you get robbed of cash, there is no protection at all. Credit cards offer rewards for usage as well as protections against fraud. My concern is merely that fraudulent usage ends up the problem of the credit card companies rather than me directly. They should handle the risks of stolen cards or numbers, and they generally do. Credit cards will not be going away... small businesses HAVE to deal with them... if they want to deal with them less they really have to make it known that they are willing to provide products or services at a reduced price for cash. The Exclusive Company does it, though I know the cc companies frown upon that practice... but something like that might get me to use cash more, at least in some cases. But in general, it has long been past the time frame that a small business could afford to not take credit cards and they have to factor those fees into their prices.


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