One Brother Had A Gun, Another Had A Sword; Caledonia Standoff Ends Peacefully

But one brother had an unusual question.

Correction: The incident in which Michael Yocco was accidentally shot did not involve any other Yocco family members. Caledonia Patch apologizes for the error.

Two brothers are in police custody after they threatened one another with weapons as they fought over cigarettes.

And police say at 10:12 am on Tues., Nov. 22, the one brother could be the first person in Wisconsin to lose his carry conceal weapon permit. Carry conceal weapon permits just started being issued in November.

According to a report by the , Michael Yocco, 28, and his brother, Christopher Yocco, 25, of Caledonia, were arrested for disorderly conduct and first degree recklessly endangering safety at their home at 4541 Carter Drive.

The brothers fought over a package of cigarettes, and when the fight got physical, Michael’s dog bit Christopher in the hand. Christopher then armed himself with a five-foot long sword and told Michael he was going to kill his dog. Michael, who armed himself with a .40 caliber pistol, threatened to shoot Christopher. This resulted “in a standoff between the two brothers” that lasted for a few minutes and “continued with threats to harm each other and the dog until Michael Yocco called 911.”

After the two brothers were taken into custody, Michael told police the weapon he used is permitted under the conceal carry law and asked police if his permit would be suspended.

Sgt. Brian Wall said that it would be suspended because this arrest is a domestic abuse incident.

“I didn’t check to see if Michael did indeed have a permit for CCW; but if he does have one, he just might be the first person the state of Wisconsin to lose it,” Wall said.

Wall pointed out that carrying a gun on your own property does not require a person to have a conceal carry permit. But, in either case, you can’t use deadly force to defend against someone stabbing your dog. The Castle Doctrine would also only apply to people you don’t know who are entering your home and you were defending yourself or others.

This is the second gun-related incident that Caledonia Police have responded to in a year at the Yocco residence. The first one happened in November when the two brothers were fighting over a gun and Michael was shot in the hand. Wall said the district attorney’s office dropped the charges.

Charges from the recent arrests are being forwarded to the Racine County District Attorneys office.

WeThePeople December 11, 2011 at 07:00 AM
Your right Cookie, Michael didn't get charged in the discharge of his firearm last year. But that didn't stop a team of 15 Caledonia cops armed with assault rifles from entering his home, forcing him on the floor face down and taking his possessions. All while he was trying to comply peacefully. Sounds to me like a home invasion, and robbery at gunpoint with multiple assailants. In the end the police found nothing illegal in Michael's possessions to charge him with. It's a good thing Andrew Schurian plead guilty. Otherwise it might have been difficult to justify the use of that many police resources, some might call that EXCESSIVE. Then a year later when he needed help, and called the Caledonia police for support, they used the same tactics. Do you think next time he's in danger he will call? Would you? I wouldn't bet my life on their help.
WeThePeople December 11, 2011 at 07:41 AM
As for your judgmental comments did I miss the section in the police report that states their "life goals"? Was that covered in this article somewhere or were you just ASSuming? I know for a fact my level of life enjoyment wasn't covered in either. And remember the police only write in their reports WHAT THEY WANT TO. In summation, You would be hard pressed to find a better friend than Michael, and I defend him because he doesn't deserve the harassment of the Caledonia police, or the slander from internet morons. The bottom line is all charges against Michael have been dropped, and he is still one of the privileged WI concealed carry permit holders. Maybe there is justice after all.
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt May 22, 2012 at 12:57 AM
These guys have been complete morons their whole lives. Not even surprised, and I actually laughed when I read this. A sword and a .40 over a pack of smokes?? Hilarious.
JACK JACKSON May 23, 2012 at 01:17 AM
Bewildered May 23, 2012 at 02:01 AM
And this is the guy we are so passionately talking about re: being arrested in Chicago this past weekend? Damn, I feel like I need a shower after figuring out It's the same guy. Guess this explains the bullets and knife in the trunk.


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