2 Dogs Rescued, New President Elected, 4-Mile Road Project Update

Dogs being rescued edged out elections as the top story in Caledonia this week.

Caledonia residents headed to the polls this week, but our story about election results was not our most read story of the week.

Instead, that honor goes to the rescue of two dogs from a pond of freezing water by the Caledonia Fire Department. A mama and her pup ventured out onto ice that was too thin to support them, but firefighters waded out and brought them to safety.

Bob Bradley getting elected as the village's new president certainly caught readers' attention. Incumbent Trustees Jim Dobbs and Kevin Wanggaard retained their seats while former Trustee David Prott will once again take the oath, filling the seat after Kathy Burton decided not to run for re-election.

The 4-Mile Road project is nearing completion. No, really, it is! Construction on the b Village Engineer Mike Hayek said the road will be re-open by the 4th of July.

Keeping an eye out during patrol led Caledonia police to a burglary suspect outside  after officers executed a search warrant on the locker.

Whether or not Walmart comes to Caledonia could be before the board this summer. A work group comprised of past and present officials, Plan Commission members and neighborhood planning residents is working on putting together a recommendation for zoning and land use at 4-Mile and Green Bay Roads. 


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