A&W Moves Forward, New Park Fees Approved

Trustees voted on a number of issues Monday that help move the A&W project forward and approved new fees for renting spaces at village parks.

Lovers of the frothy deliciousness at A&W will be happy to note the restaurant's relocation to the east side of I-94 is moving ahead.

Because of the widening of I-94 and the relocation of the west frontage road, restaurant owners Frank and Sharon Welch are planning to move A&W to a spot at Northwestern Avenue and East Frontage Road.

Caledonia trustees voted unanimously Monday night to approve the final certified survey map of the three lots east of the Pilot survey on Northwestern Avenue. The survey is conditional, based on the assumption that the Welch family provide a satisfactory storm water management plan.

The CSM was also contigent of the Village Board approving  - which they did - a Memorandum of Understanding between the Welch's, the trust of the owners of the land and the state Department of Transportation. The MOU was described as a "kind of complicated scenario" because the DOT will fund the construction of a new road that connects Adams to the Frontage Road.

Trustees also put forth a first reading for the ordinance that will change the zoning on those three parcels from general farming and residential to commercial. At the Feb. 18 meeting, board members will probably have a final reading and then approve the zoning change.

Park fees approved

Trustees approved 5-1 changing park fees primarily for the pavillion at Crawford Park. Kevin Wanggaard was the only dissention.

Parks Commission President Scott Warner told the board fees were held steady to keep them in line with neighboring communities. The commission did introduce a deposit and cancellation policy; $25 is required but will be returned if the park space is inspected and cleaned and a 50 percent processing fee will be assessed for canceling a rental in less than 30 days.

Fees at Lynwood, Gorney and Crawford parks are $75 for village residents and $100 for non-residents. The pavillion behind the Crawford Park concession stand rents for $100 for residents and $125 for non-residents.

Wanggaard said he couldn't support the fee structure because there wasn't enough difference between the resident and non-resident fees.

"Most of the people who rent our parks are not residents of the village," he said. "By only having a $25 difference it's advantageous for non-residents but not residents. Other communities have a greater difference."

But Warner said his group did their homework and checked the fees in neighboring communities before suggesting the fees stay steady and introducing the deposit and cancellation charges.

"We want to help promote better use of the parks," he said. "We looked at parks in the surrounding communities with the same amenities and these charges are in line."

Caledonia Confused February 05, 2013 at 07:23 AM
Look at the map here: http://www.caledoniawi.com/files/Agendas_Minutes/Public_Hearing/Public_Hearing_agenda_20130130.pdf Look at the Village of Caledonia LUP Map here: http://www.caledoniawi.com/doc_download.aspx?document_id=87 The eastern portion of this property is in the RN-W area which according to the LUP text says NO COMMERCIAL. How can the whole property be rezoned B-3? Is the connection of Adams Road to Highway 'K' moving further west or are the boundaries for the VC-94/K area wrong? If not isn't a LUP amendment required? From the 1/30/2013 Plan Commission meeting minutes: Hayek explained this is east of The Pilot Travel Center. There will be a new road connecting to Adams Rd. This would be part of the Village Center on the land use plan. Czuta said Racine County staff recommends approval because the rezoning will not adversely affect the surrounding property values, it is compatible with surrounding zoning and uses and the 2035 Land Use Plan recognizes the property as mixed use – commercial and residential. The proposed B-3 zoning district will be consistent with the 2035 Land Use Plan. http://www.caledoniawi.com/files/Agendas_Minutes/Planning%20Commission/Planning_minutes_20130130.pdf 2035 Recommended Land Use Map: http://racine.uwex.edu/files/2010/11/VCaledonia.pdf The eastern portion of the property is listed as Medium Density Residential.
Caledonia Confused February 05, 2013 at 07:48 AM
The text portion of the LUP is here: http://www.caledoniawi.com/doc_download.aspx?document_id=94 Page 25 has the "RN-W" code. Look at the "NON-RESIDENTIAL USES" columns. Under "commercial" it lists "none".
Heather Asiyanbi February 05, 2013 at 02:38 PM
So ... does this mean you object to A&W going into that space?
Caledonia Confused February 06, 2013 at 06:48 AM
No objection from me. Just looking for some transparency.


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