Kremer Subdivision Sewer System Work On The Horizon

With raw, untreated sewerage going into the ground in the Kremer subdivision, the Caledonia Utility will likely spend $2.3 million to fix the problem caused by aging clay pipes.

An official with the Caledonia Utility District says areas in the Kremer subdivision sewer system are cracked to the point where raw sewerage is going into the ground.

The utility district had a company send television cameras into sewer pipes in the subdivision to identify problem areas, and they found areas where the clay pipe has collapsed.

Costs are estimated at about $2.3 million. Last week, the Finance Committee looked at borrowing money to pay for the project, but instead voted to pay for it out of the money already being collected from the sewer rate increases . 

Bob Bradley, chairman for the Utility District, said the Utility conducted an asset analysis last year to inventory aging assets in the Village.

The Utility is supposed to reduce the amount of clear water going into the sewer system because of the impact it has on wastewater treatment costs.

“That’s because it impacts our rates and what we pay,” Bradley said.

The report identifies the weakest part of the system and will be used as a tool to do capital improvement projects to maintain the system.

Officials with the Utility District knew there were problems in the Kremer subdivision sewer system, which was installed in 1956 and has an estimated  lifespan of 50 years.

Several areas of the clay pipe have cracked, Bradley said.

“We identified the Kremer subdivision as a real bad, bad area through inspections,” Bradley said. “There are different areas where the pipe is going to have to be replaced and there are areas where it’s going to need to be realigned as opposed to replacing it. We’re also looking at some duplicate pipes that are in bad shape, and we’re going to upsize them. That system has already lived its life, and we’re not wanting to make bottlenecks.”

Tony Bunkleman, the assistant village engineer, said there’s also a potential for the Village to work on the storm water system as the work is being done on the sewer system. However, they are waiting for the Utility District to determine the scope of their project first.

Foth Infrastructure and Environment, a firm contracted to work on the sewer system project, is expected to bring forth design plans within the next two months, which is when they’ll identify when the work will begin.

todd May 03, 2012 at 09:04 PM
Shoot....whos payin for that?
todd May 03, 2012 at 09:06 PM
Sratch that question.
Libby May 04, 2012 at 12:11 AM
We live in the Kremer Subdivision and have had water sewage problems. It has become a problem everytime it rains hard. Everytime I called the Town of Caledonia to ask why we were getting all this sewage water...no one ever returned our call.


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