Former Horlick High School Principal Named "Woman Of The Year"

Nola Starling-Ratliff was the first female high school principal in the Racine Unified School District and she helped set a tone for social justice in the school, which is why she was named "Woman of the year" by the Racine Dominican Sisters.

The honored former principal, Nola Starling-Ratliff, as “Woman of the Year” on Tuesday.

At a special prayer service held at the Siena Center, Starling-Ratliff, was given the award in celebration of Women’s History month. The theme was Women’s Education – Women’s empowerment.

Starling-Ratliff was the first female high school principal in Racine.

Rosalie Lauer, a Racine Dominican Sister, noted that Starling-Ratliff is a woman dedicated to education and she has long supported student activism.

“Horlick is well known for encouraging students to take leadership in creating a peace environment in their school,” Lauer noted. “The students have been active in addressing many contemporary justice issues.”

Starling-Ratliff currently serves as the principal of Roosevelt Middle School and had been the principal at Wilson School in Kenosha. Prior to working at Racine Unified, Starling-Ratliff was a principal at Sussex Hamilton High School.


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