Jerry DeBoer
My interest in nature started well before the age of 10.  My early years were spent a block from what is now known as Colonial Park.  In those days, we simply referred to it as "down the hill".  I've spent many hours exploring that park and others in the county since that time.  My early interests were in the various reptiles and amphibians we could capture and keep as "pets" for a few days.  By the age of 12, my interests had moved onto the birds.  I had an old paper back Golden Field Guide to the Birds of North America that I paid 3 dollars for from (showing my age here)... Turnstyle.  Trying to expand on a life list when the best optics you had to use was a 2x pair of folding Opera Glasses was not an easy task, so I learned to imitate many of their songs and calls well enough to attract them closer. 
Over the years my interests have expanded to include dragonflies, butterflies and wildflowers, though I guess at any point I might find myself studying up on just about anything in nature including rocks, fish, grasshoppers, trees, etc.  It's all good! I bought a kayak a few years ago, and have found that is an excellent way to approach many types of wildlife closely including herons, cranes, turtles, dragonflies and yes, even Alligators and Cottonmouths .  The low profile does not seem to cause many of the animals much stress at all.  It's not only a peaceful way to "get away", but it's also very effective.  My wife of 26 years is my kayaking partner and we love to explore the various waterways of the county and state and elsewhere in the country.  In 2008 we kayaked both in the crystal clear waters of Lake Superior and in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida.  I'm also the father of two great kids that I love dearly.  I thank them for putting up with my wanderings over the years.  I'll never forget the time we were in Orlando, Florida, home of the infamous Disney World.  They had a chance to go to any of the theme parks they wanted, but instead they said, "lets go find a park where we can see some animals or something".  I love my kids!  They've been my patient and much appreciated company on trips to Florida, Louisiana, California, Washington, Oregon and Arizona.  They've seen more of this country in their lifetimes than I saw by the age of 30, and have been as excited as I was to confront Rattlesnakes, Alligators, and Orca's and to see such awesome sites as the Grand Canyon. In 1991 we moved out of the city of Racine into the township of Yorkville where we have a few acres that are managed for enjoying wildlife.  We've recorded over 190 species of birds from our property, and have enjoyed White-tailed Deer, Coyote, Red Fox, Skunk, Raccoons and a host of other animals.  In spring the mating trills of the Chorus Frog and American Toads can be almost (enjoyably) deafening.  I consider my interest in nature, to be first and foremost, as an amateur naturalist, and secondly a photographer.  Photography has just become another way for me, and yet another excuse (as if I need another one) to be out in nature.  While in nature, I find myself constantly aware of the goodness of God and His amazing creation.  My faith is extremely important to me, and I cannot possibly look at the amazing things in nature without seeing the hand of an amazing creator. 
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