River Bend Nature Center Returns to Its Roots

Under new ownership, River Bend is getting backs to its roots. The Center hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday to mark its official new beginning.

Shortly after a morning of refreshing and much needed rain, Ellie Batten cut the floral "ribbon" commentorating River Bend Nature Center's new beginnings.

In attendance were local officials such as Rep. Cory Mason, Sen. John Lehman and Sen. Bob Wirch, county supervisors, many volunteers and business contacts who have helped with the transition of the facility. A public open house is scheduled for Aug. 4.

, the future of River Bend was uncertain. After 50 years of being a Racine landmark and the location of many recreational activities, the YWCA decided to part ways with the field-trip favorite of Racine Unified students. 

and bring it back to it's most natural state while returning to the level of service it once provided.

Several months - and a lot of work later - a volunteer group called The River Bend Nature Center, Inc. has finally secured the center and its grounds. Rennovations have already begun with more planned in the future. Of course, being a non-profit group, donations and volunteers would be more than helpful. 

"I grew up with River Bend, and it was a big part of my life," Mason said. "Now, I  hope it can be the same for my children."

Chernik wants that for everyone.

"I have high hopes for River Bend," he said. "The goal is to get back to our historically high level of environmental education and outdoor recreation."


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